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Determinants of chick survival in the lesser black backed gull; relative contributions of egg-size and parental quality. Journal of Animal Ecology, Oxford, v.60, p.949-960, 1991.
Although such studies can provide important insights into the possible operation of trade-offs, their interpretation requires caution because the potentially confounding effects of, for example, parental quality, have not been controlled.
Because we wanted to investigate the trade-off betwe en egg quality and egg number, it was important to ensure that our measure of chick survival was not confounded by any postlaying parental effects operating through a correlation between parental quality or parental condition and egg quality.
Because we wanted to examine the quality of the additional eggs independent of any other factors (possible impairment of parental performance due to increased egg-laying demands, competition from other chicks in the brood, differences in parental quality, and seasonal changes in food supply), we adopted the following protocol to remove or minimize these effects.
Because parental quality is reflected in egg mass in this species (Bolton 1991), this further suggests that there was no seasonal decline in the quality of our foster parents.
Effects of egg size and parental quality on early nestling growth: an experiment with the Antarctic petrel.
Conversely, if egg size merely reflects parental quality (e.g., foraging skill), then egg size effects should disappear in the experimental chicks.
The effects of parental quality and timing of breeding on the growth of nestling Thick-billed Murres.
Several earlier studies have suggested that changes in the environment with the hatching date are more important than parental quality in explaining seasonal decline in reproductive success (e.g., Brinkhof et al.
Of course, lower territory and/or parental quality may also affect the seasonal decline of clutch size, because the best territories are occupied by the first males to arrive (Alatalo et al.
The purpose of the cross-fostering experiment was to remove any systematic relationship between parental quality and egg quality.
Parental quality, as expressed by original mean egg size, did not affect growth rate or the asymptote (Table 1).
If such a relationship exists, correlations between egg size and reproductive success in non-experimental studies might be confounded by parental quality (Amundsen and Stokland 1990).