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Synonyms for parentage

Synonyms for parentage

one's ancestors or their character or one's ancestral derivation

Synonyms for parentage

the state of being a parent


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the kinship relation of an offspring to the parents

References in classic literature ?
I think it would hardly serve her, to establish her parentage for the information of her husband, and to drag her back to disgrace, after an escape of twenty years, pretty secure to last for life.
But remembering the medallist of the year before, Razumov, the young man of no parentage, was sobered.
"She taught me rapidly the language and customs of my kind, and one night she told me the story I have told to you up to this point, impressing upon me the necessity for absolute secrecy and the great caution I must exercise after she had placed me with the other young Tharks to permit no one to guess that I was further advanced in education than they, nor by any sign to divulge in the presence of others my affection for her, or my knowledge of my parentage; and then drawing me close to her she whispered in my ear the name of my father.
He made Adrienne repeat her declarations, and even desired her to explain her precise parentage. The reader will remember, that there had been an American marriage in Adrienne's family, and that every relative the poor girl had on earth, was among these distant connections on this side of the Atlantic.
While one of these loiterers showed the red skin and wild accouterments of a native of the woods, the other exhibited, through the mask of his rude and nearly savage equipments, the brighter, though sun-burned and long-faced complexion of one who might claim descent from a European parentage. The former was seated on the end of a mossy log, in a posture that permitted him to heighten the effect of his earnest language, by the calm but expressive gestures of an Indian engaged in debate.
Maybe so, maybe not; but without ever having seen him, and judging only by his illegal and spectacular parentage, I will bet the odds of a bale of hay to a bran mash that he looks it.
And yet Mary had acquired two Bibles in this way -- it was the patient work of two years -- and a boy of Ger- man parentage had won four or five.
Meanwhile, Ollie is hoping to bring the Osbornes and Morgans together for a family meal, even though Cindy thinks he'd be better off coming clean about DJ's parentage. The teen is disappointed when Brooke fails to show up, unaware she's dealing with a baby drama of her own - as is Liberty, who backs out of being Sienna's surrogate.
In Kenya, it is also widely used in parentage testing to resolve paternity disputes.
The special need teenager of Franco-Irish parentage was found dead last Tuesday, 10 days after she was reported missing from the eco-resort where she and her family checked in on Aug 3 for a two-week holiday in Malaysia.
Prime minister Lee Hsien Loong said that the nation is considering whether to allow companies with no banking parentage to set up virtual banks.
Both petitioners accuse Prime Minister Imran Khan of concealing his alleged parentage of Tyrian Jade Khan White in his nomination papers filed for 2018 general elections.
As well as undertaking the parentage verification of all Irishborn thoroughbreds, Weatherbys Scientific caters for cattle, pigs, sheep, dogs and other animals.
A Court of Appeals decision published last week addressed the issue of parentage disputed among putative fathers.
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