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Synonyms for parentage

Synonyms for parentage

one's ancestors or their character or one's ancestral derivation

Synonyms for parentage

the state of being a parent


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the kinship relation of an offspring to the parents

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I think it would hardly serve her, to establish her parentage for the information of her husband, and to drag her back to disgrace, after an escape of twenty years, pretty secure to last for life.
But remembering the medallist of the year before, Razumov, the young man of no parentage, was sobered.
Maybe so, maybe not; but without ever having seen him, and judging only by his illegal and spectacular parentage, I will bet the odds of a bale of hay to a bran mash that he looks it.
And yet Mary had acquired two Bibles in this way -- it was the patient work of two years -- and a boy of Ger- man parentage had won four or five.
Mohammed Jibran, 12, is one of the children without parentage in Pakistan.
In the battle for custody of a minor, parentage must be convincingly shown by the person claiming to be the real mother or father of the child.
With the impending arrival of the queen, Jules must decide whether to stay and gain more time or be mired in deception, as she gets closer to the truth about her actual parentage and her mysterious time powers that are slowly growing.
ISLAMABAD -- In a bid to make the registration easier for transgender community with unknown parentage and complying with the Lahore High Court Orders, NADRA has introduced a new measure in its registration policy wherein a Guru may serve as a head of the applicant for verification purpose.
Yet, sharper differentiation in constitutional terms between parents and non-parents has made the question of legal parentage even more important.
The Department uses DNA matching to confirm parentage where this has been questioned.
The press will finally leak news of Leo's dubious parentage.
The Court noted that, all that was asked of the set was to make a reasonable interpretation of the law while considering the private respondent's established personal circumstances; thus, it could not have asked private respondent to do what was impossible-establishing her parentage, when the controversy before the SET arose precisely from the fact that private respondent's parentage was unknown and has remained so throughout her life,' high court's Information Chief Atty.
Exploring the status of the child and the determination of legal parentage and birth-right nationality of a child born in a case of inter-country surrogacy, Wells-Greco examines the legal aspects of parenthood and nationality, the influence of European and international human rights laws on determining parentage, the establishment of nationality, and the prevention of statelessness.
What follows begins by offering a definition of parentage policy and sets out a framework by which to measure parentage policy.
A defiant Julian announces his determination to fight against Franco in the Spanish civil war, while Angelica - who remains unaware of her true parentage - escapes to London to become an actress.
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