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a company with controlling shares in other companies

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The claim is guaranteed by a qualifying securities firm's parent company with such a rating.
Altria, the proposed name for the parent company, is derived from the Latin word "altus," which means "high," stressing the company's desire to always reach higher to achieve greater financial strength and growth through operational excellence, consumer brand expertise and a growing understanding of corporate responsibility, according to Bible.
* The new venture is insulated from the parent company's economic pressures or impatience.
In March, Enron Corp., the worlds largest energy trader, provided a management team and financing for Mission Bufete's parent company. The three-year deal gives Enron eventual equity in the company.
Shigetomi, 52, joined Okuma out of college in 1969 and moved to the American firm from the parent company in 1985, when it was still on Long Island.
In that case, the parent company may be able to timely reverse its LLC formation and qualify for the exemption.
Hibs Holdings used to own a separate property company in the name of the club, but that now has become part of the parent company itself.
The Bestfoods decision is welcome news for corporate parents because it adds clarity to the law of parent company liability and narrows the circumstances under which a corporate parent could be liable for the actions of its subsidiary.
Geringer and Hebert (1991) argue that collecting data from a single respondent per IJV, such as one parent company manager, often provides reliable and efficient information.
Warner dutifully divested its interest in Death Row's parent company, which was then bought by MCA - whose parent company is the Canadian Seagram Co.
The small group usually does not perform with the parent company. "We're jokingly referred to as the pizza element in the Taylor organization," Hodes says with a laugh.
Parent company entries also include company address, telephone number and SIC codes.
(OTC:GNBF), the parent company of The Gratz Bank, and Riverview Financial Corporation (NASDAQ:RIVE), the parent company of Riverview Bank, have jointly said that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which The Gratz Bank will acquire the Trevorton branch and its deposits and customers of Riverview Bank located in Trevorton, Pennsylvania.
[USA], July 25 (ANI): Google CEO Sundar Pichai is all set to join the parent company Alphabet's board, according to an official announcement from the company.
GNB Financial Services, Inc., the parent company of The Gratz Bank, located in Pennsylvania, has announced it has signed a definitive agreement with Riverview Financial Corp., the parent company of Riverview Bank, whereby The Gratz Bank will acquire the Trevorton Branch and deposits and customers of Riverview Bank, the company said.