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animal tissue that constitutes the essential part of an organ as contrasted with e

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the primary tissue of higher plants composed of thin-walled cells that remain capable of cell division even when mature

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The total intrahepatic cyst volume, hepatic parenchyma volume, and liver volume (cysts plus parenchyma) were calculated using the CT analysis system by two senior radiologists (blinded for review).
That is, the procedures in which TBB pathological evaluation were reported as nonspecific findings, normal pulmonary parenchyma, or nonexistent lung parenchymal involvement.
Root cortex is separated into three regions: external cortex (parenchyma cells with few intercellular spaces), middle cortex (large aerenchymal chambers and parenchymal trabeculae) and inner cortex (few layered parenchyma with smaller cells).
5 cm2 filled with thick gelatinous material and surrounded by a thin rim of intervening normal looking splenic parenchyma (Fig.
Cortex is composed of oval shaped and small parenchyma cells.
Location of isolated stone in present study was, in anterior part of duct (n= 27, 47%), distal part of duct (n= 26, 46%, Duct parenchyma 5% and both anterior and posterior of the duct 2%.
In the adaxial surface, a cortical parenchyma is located below of epidermis, but in the abaxial surface, the cortical parenchyma is separated from the epidermis by a few layers of annular collenchyma (Figure 2G).
Transection of the liver parenchyma with an ultrasound dissector or a stapler device: results of a randomized clinical study.
Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) is a rare, idiopathic disorder that predominantly affects the lung parenchyma of women of childbearing age.
During the procedure, a distinct black discoloration of the thyroid parenchyma was observed.
Other wood anatomical features well represented in Brassicales that invite study and interpretation include presence of axial parenchyma as a background cell type.
Bronchogenic cysts that form early in respiratory system development localize to the mediastinum, whereas bronchogenic cysts that form later in respiratory system development localize to the lung parenchyma (ie, intraparenchymal bronchogenic cyst).
The capsule of gland was evaluated for echogenicity, thickness and regularity while parenchyma was examined for echogenicity and presence or absence of cysts / abscesses.
The structure of these glands comprises a series of ramified ducts that culminate in a secretory terminal portion, the acini cells, which compose the glandular parenchyma [12, 13].