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animal tissue that constitutes the essential part of an organ as contrasted with e

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the primary tissue of higher plants composed of thin-walled cells that remain capable of cell division even when mature

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The interest of successive cambia in the present essay is not so much the ontogeny as what the parenchyma of the conjunctive tissue actually does.
Previous studies have found no correlation between liver adenomatosis and glycogen storage disease, steroid intake, or oral contraceptive use because it occurs in normal liver parenchyma (1,2).
Histopathological examination revealed total replacement of the renal parenchyma with fat with very few sclerosed glomeruli with thyroidized tubules (Figure 3).
The anatomical characteristics, such as vascular bundle frequency (VBF), fiber length (FL), and parenchyma lumen diameters (PLD) of internodes and nodes, were determined using the methods reported in our previous research (Huang et al.
In mature sugarcane stems, sucrose transport follows a predominantly symplastic movement when moving from the phloem into the storage parenchyma cells (Lingle, 1989; Rae et al., 2005; Patrick et al., 2013).
Ghrelin-ip cells in the African ostrich testes were localized only in the parenchyma, and mostly in the tubular compartments.
FDG uptake was determined by assessment of the maximal and mean SUV ([SUV.sub.max] and [SUV.sub.mean]) in 2D single-slice regions of interest (ROIs) in the liver parenchyma and HCC lesions.
Contrast-enhanced thoracic CT examinations after 3 months showed that the aneurysms were totally occluded with thrombosis and the size of the aneurysms was significantly reduced and the lung parenchyma hemorrhages also disappeared (Figure 3).
The extent of crowded area, which was defined as the region of thickened septa in lung parenchyma associated with partial or complete collapse of alveoli on H&E-stained sections, was also performed in a blinded fashion.
The total intrahepatic cyst volume, hepatic parenchyma volume, and liver volume (cysts plus parenchyma) were calculated using the CT analysis system by two senior radiologists (blinded for review).
The barrier prevents pathogens and potentially harmful substances crossing over from the bloodstream into the parenchyma, or functional tissue, of the brain.
The amount of renal parenchyma removed during partial nephrectomy plays a major role in the development of surgically induced chronic kidney disease (CKD-S) besides warm ischemia time (WIT).
The leaves of these cultivars showed high amounts of parenchyma and phloem, which are the main tissues in the diet of cattle because of their primary structure and thin cell walls; thus, the leaf anatomy can be a useful tool to assess the digestibility potential of a given forage (PACIULLO, 2002).
The existing segmentation techniques for CT lung Parenchyma generally have some limitations due to the over and under segmentation errors.