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medicine used to treat diarrhea

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Conversely, the Soviets worried over intelligence reports that enumerated Kennedy's physiological problems and the pharmaceutical cocktail--including cortisone, Lomotil, paregoric, and testosterone--that maintained his health.
They could get all the opium they wanted by buying laudanum or paregoric over the counter at the local pharmacy without any hard-to-obtain "doctor's prescription," or by purchasing Mother McCree's Soothing Syrup, which was advertised for teething pain in infants and contained plenty of opiates.
This is especially true in the case of Mexico where, except for the generalized deletion of syllable/word final 's' and 'r' in Costa Chica and Veracruz, only paregoric vowels are still found in some areas.
Tomas, and discovered a medicine similar to paregoric, which helped end the cholera epidemic that plagued the country.
The opium poppy yields morphine codeine and paregoric a treatment for diarrhea Laudanum a tincture of the opium poppy was the favored tranquilizer in Victorian times.
paregoric measures to scriptural verification of David's
Y bara gorig wnaeth esgor ar lythyr diddorol tu hwnt gan Mair Wyn Thomas, Llawryplwy, a dyna ni'n gwybod i sicrwydd rwan be ydi'r bara gorig neu 'paregoric'.
(29) The law gave a monopoly to licensed physicians to prevent the exploitation of Chinese opium addicts and to allow Caucasians continued access to opiates--morphine, laudanum, paregoric. (30)
"Could you pick up some paregoric for me at the pharmacy?
Gilman (New York: Macmillan, 1980), 494-534: Paregoric, U.S.P.
My friend says that the old home remedy for diarrhea, paregoric, contains opium and caused small pupils, too.
(It and its modern relative, paregoric, are no longer manufactured.) We have seen alcohol prohibition come and go, witnessed the rise and fall of LSD and PCP, debated the legal and/or medical issues of marijuana use for years, and watched as crack cocaine debilitated segments of society.