pare down

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decrease gradually or bit by bit


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He added that the company decided to pare down the cooktop in response to requests from condominium and apartment builders in metropolitan markets.
Crafted with sleek seams and slick fabrics, the new suit is designed to pare down skating' times--giving a competitive advantage to anyone who wears one.
Microsoft has revealed that it plans to distribute the next version of its Windows operating system - dubbed Longhorn - in 2006, but conceded that it has had to pare down a muchanticipated search feature to move ahead with the release.
The bank decided to pare down the rate for the second straight month.
Additionally, their choices will indicate certain aesthetic trends that will both embrace and reject the artistic choices of the play they pare down. After the presentations, the class should spend time discussing how what they did counters the traditions of theatre and to what end it leads them in devising theatrical aesthetics that are copasetic to their generation.
We've since learned to pare down. There's not a flight attendant out there who won't let you enjoy these items in your seat.
The format might be considered an nnconscious nod to modern dance pioneer Doris Humphrey's instructions to choreographers to pare down movement invention to its essence.