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Synonyms for pardonable

Synonyms for pardonable

admitting of forgiveness or pardon

Antonyms for pardonable

admitting of being pardoned


References in classic literature ?
Suddenly reminded of her past wrongs (by the pardonable error of a polite schoolfellow), Emily committed the startling inconsistency of appealing to the sympathies of Francine!
Pesca was one of her especial favourites and his wildest eccentricities were always pardonable in her eyes.
As Phoebe curtsied in reply, the Judge bent forward, with the pardonable and even praiseworthy purpose--considering the nearness of blood and the difference of age--of bestowing on his young relative a kiss of acknowledged kindred and natural affection.
And I, through pardonable weakness, refrained from correcting the error; asking myself what good there would be in disturbing his last moments with information that he had neither power nor opportunity to turn to account.
In that look of hers there was the pardonable curiosity of the mistress of the house confronted with a guest dropped down upon her from the skies and innumerable doubts, certainly warranted by the state of my clothes, by my youth and my expression, all singularly at variance; there was all the disdain of the adored mistress, in whose eyes all men save one are as nothing; there were involuntary tremors and alarms; and, above all, the thought that it was tiresome to have an unexpected guest just now, when, no doubt, she had been scheming to enjoy full solitude for her love.
No wonder the patient beasts ran confusedly into the wrong places, for the alarming din of the bull-dog was mingled with more distant sounds which the timid feminine creatures, with pardonable superstition, imagined also to have some relation to their own movements--with the tremendous crack of the waggoner's whip, the roar of his voice, and the booming thunder of the waggon, as it left the rick-yard empty of its golden load.
"Sire," said he, "old age is boastful; and it is pardonable for old men to praise themselves when others no longer do it.
To behave wildly at the sight of death is pardonable. But to discuss it afterwards, to pass from discussion into silence, and through silence into sympathy, that is an error, not of a startled emotion, but of the whole fabric.
Q: Keeping 'Jabariya' Jodi in context, what would you like to tell all those who still think giving and taking dowry and forcing someone to marry against their will is pardonable?
In all sincerity, Lagos-Badagry expressway is one of the routes that makes human trafficking or kidnapping easy due to how porous it is; the only security agent on patrol have always been the custom officials and they are not concerned about what is going out of the country but only what comes in, probably for selfish aggrandisement that can be made from smugglers with pardonable contraband goods.
It must be remembered that Dua can only be made to Allah SWT; Dua to anyone else is pure shirk, which is neither forgivable nor pardonable. Therefore, Dua must exemplify in itself, utmost humility and the subservience of the one making the Dua.
However, to be constantly at the mercy of a known exogenous quantity is not pardonable: Pakistan must make a concerted effort to diversify its energy reliance away from oil and towards hydro, solar, nuclear, clean coal.
God forbid, if this happens, it would be no less than a doomsday scenario for a country where the doctrine of necessity still rules to absolve and turn any heinous misconduct into a pardonable act.
Aliya tries to defend Mariam against societal conventions; since she already knew that Mariam's case was not pardonable for the Dard e Dil family because they "couldn't see beyond their own class prejudices" (p.
There are such archival minutiae that the sporadic errors or typos are easily pardonable (for instance: the Thakins were not all students, as Sayagyi Thakin Kodaw Hmaing illustrates on pp.