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the division into parcels

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Nodes were assigned ROIs that were transferred from the predefined parcellation.
This choice has been reported to provide the best tradeoff between downsampling and signal loss in anatomical parcellation applications [30].
Tenders are invited for Making Concept Of Made The Standard Design, Location Permit, Making The Main Level Detailed Design, Project Audit And Obtain Corroboration Main Project To Build Propellant Benkovac Facility At The Business Zone "New Stankovci" And Making Conceptual Projects Based On The Standard Design Made , Location Permit, A Subdivision Of Surveys And Implementation Parcellation Making The Main Level Detailed Project And Obtaining Corroboration Main Project To Build Propellant Ogulin Facility At The Business Zone Ogulin
Such animals will provide substantial new information about parcellation of G1uN2 amino acid motifs as pertains to synaptic transmission and cognition.
These may include national territories demarcated by, at times, impenetrable borders that bisect pastoralists' territories and thus affect their spatialities, or the parcellation and commodification of land and the allocation of shared pastoral resources to private holders.
Real and imaginary rotary motion processing: Functional parcellation of the human parietal lobe revealed by fMRI.