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A parcel of land of approximately 41,172 square feet and any buildings at 335 Goodale Street assessed to William C.
The plant would be built on a 600-acre parcel of land provided by Villeneuve and during peak construction periods would employ as many as 400 workers on site with 150 jobs created once the plant is commissioned as a round-the-clock operation.
This all-in-one, fill-in-the-blanks, easy-to-use land development software package requires only minimal keyboard skills to produce a quick, professional-quality proforma on any parcel of land.
The apartment block is set on a flat, wedge-shaped parcel of land adjacent to an area of open flat ground which borders the route de Perigueux immediately to the east of the town centre, and which has no buildings of any distinction nearby.
UK-based motor retailer Caffyns plc (LSE: CFYN) has acquired a parcel of land, approximately 2.
CLA Wales is concerned because the Welsh Assembly Government has written to farmers warning that the practice where different parties claim for various payments on the same parcel of land must stop.
in obtaining zoning approvals to begin construction of a new Wild by Nature supermarket and a separate free-standing pharmacy on a vacant parcel of land located on Long Beach Road in Oceanside.
A Connecticut appellate court ruled that the fair market value of a parcel of land in a condemnation case could not be calculated on the basis of municipal property tax assessment.
A month after that lawsuit was filed the city sold the monument and the parcel of land underneath it to the FOE, which later installed a fence around the parcel and put up signs indicating the plot of land was now privately owned.
and operator of one of the largest tug, barge and salvage companies on the Great Lakes, purchased the parcel of land housing the former provincial government aerodrome and a vacated insect forestry research lab.
1034's nonrecognition of gain provisions applied to gains realized by a taxpayer on the separate sale of a house situated on one parcel of land and the sale of a second contiguous parcel later in the same year, as long as both parcels of land were used as the taxpayer's principal residence.
all that piece and parcel of land being portion of khata no 192 r s plot no 2897 measuring an area 02 decimals out of total area 1.