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  • verb

Synonyms for parboil

to cook (food) in liquid heated to the point of steaming

Synonyms for parboil

cook (vegetables) briefly

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Meanwhile it has been around, both the average amount of parboiled rice generated monthly and the average monthly revenue from this activity have over doubled, compared to those gained utilizing the traditional parboiling mechanism.
Such outcome was surprising but is probably related to the popular use of inefficient traditional parboiling methods which result in objectionable grain quality [8].
Parboiled rice with different slowly digestible starch and resistant starch content can be produced by varying the parboiling conditions.
OXO has a new silicone cooking colander that can be immersed in boiling water for blanching or parboiling vegetables, and then collapses until almost completely flat after use.
We still eat egg, chips and beans but they're now special sin-free chips made by parboiling them and then oven-baking them and the kids love them.
The expansion, which is expected to increase production capacity by 100 percent, includes a new automated processing line for continuous parboiling, drying and milling.
Europe has been a good market for Riceland's parboiled rice, Reed said, and has been the key to efficiently operating the co-op's two rice parboiling plants and mills.
Since 20 percent of the rice is hull, the discarded hulls provide an abundant source of fuel that is burned for the parboiling, Marshall says.
a commodity trader based in Rotterdam, the local company will get an upgrade of milling facilities, a boost to paddy production, and introduce a parboiling facility over three years, says Fairfield CEO Dr.
Some say slow, indirect (away from the heat), covered cooking on a grill is the only way to go, while others rely on parboiling the ribs stove-top before finishing up on the grill.
Parboiling rice involves soaking, steaming, and drying long-grain rice before milling to improve cooking quality, retain water-soluble vitamins, and reduce breakage in milling.
The ageing of rice and its cooking and eating quality are investigated in the following chapters before an analysis of the effect of parboiling on rice quality.
Parboiling is a rice milling method that allows rice to retain 80 percent of its nutritional value.
The industrial area houses more than 100 factories engaged in manufacturing adhesives, cosmetics, pesticides, TV tubes and also the parboiling and dehusking of large quantities of rice.
Production and utilisation of rice; The rice plant: Growth, development, and genetic improvement; Rice varieties; The rice grain and its gross composition; Starch; Rice proteins; Rice lipids; Physical and mechanical properties of rice; Rough-rice drying - moisture adsorption and desorption; Rough-rice storage; Rice milling; Impact of drying, storage and milling on rice quality and functionality; Parboiling of rice; Enrichment and fortification of rice; Rice end-use quality analysis; Value-added rice products; Preparation and applications of rice flour; Rice in brewing; Rice bran and oil; Nutritional properties of rice and rice bran; Utilisation of rice hull and rice straw as adsorbents; Index.