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  • verb

Synonyms for parboil

to cook (food) in liquid heated to the point of steaming

Synonyms for parboil

cook (vegetables) briefly

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Parboiling wholegrain rice instead of rough rice reduced levels of arsenic by about a quarter in the final polished grain.
The researchers tested this new method in 13 traditional, small-scale parboiling plants.
Young leaves are mild enough for salad, while mature leaves may benefit from parboiling. Belgian endive is sprouts from a chicory root dug out of the ground and then grown indoors in sand.
Thus, our results may serve as an indication that processes such as parboiling and stabilization can facilitate the fiber digestion by pigs.
On the processing side, India has secured a technological advantage by developing mechanized parboiling technology which ensures color consistency and absence of odour which sets in through manual parboiling techniques.
[18] used RSM to optimize parboiling conditions (soaking temperature, steaming time, and drying time) to maximize HRY.
Parboiling potatoes PICK THE PERFECT MEAT Swap fatty roast lamb, duck, pork and beef for leaner options like chicken and turkey.
The industrial area houses over 100 factories engaged in manufacturing adhesives, cosmetics, pesticides, TV tubes and also the parboiling and dehusking of large quantities of rice.
Although parboiling adds to the nutritional, health [5], processing [6] and storage qualities of rice grains, many consumers tend to reject it in favour of raw-milled rice which is said to be more palatable [7,8].
Plaza, DA Assistant Secretary Edilberto De Luna, DA-13 Director Edna Mabesa, Bunawan Mayor Edwin Elorde, and Veruela Mayor Salimar Mondejar led the turnover of the supplies and equipment, and the inauguration and turnover of the P7.3-million rice mill and parboiling plant at Purok Sunrise in Barangay Buena Gracia, Talacogon, Agusan del Sur.
He discusses the qualities and mysteries of rice, physical properties, milling quality, degree of milling and its effect, aging, cooking quality, eating quality, the effect of parboiling on quality, product-making quality, specialty rices, nutritional quality, rice breeding for desirable quality, and analyzing rice quality.
Scientists at the University of Arkansas wanted to see how parboiling would affect the characteristics of rapidly digestible, slowly digestible and resistant starch in rice.
Provincial Advisor said that possible avenues of industrialization in Sindh were clean cotton ginning, rice parboiling, fruit, vegetable, dairy, meat, fish processing, power generation and manufacturing.