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hormone synthesized and released into the blood stream by the parathyroid glands

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7-10] A decreased amount of serum 25(OH)D, 1,25(OH)2 D and raised parathormone (PTH) can increase intracellular calcium in adipocytes which can stimulate lipogenesis predisposing a patient to further weight gain thus increasing the risk of diabetes.
Postoperative serology tests showed that the patient's calcium, phosphate, and parathormone levels were greatly reduced (2.
The serum levels of vitamin D, PTH, ALP calcium, calcitonin, and parathormone were compared between the ADHD comorbid OCD group and pure OCD group.
In addition to that whole body lean mass and regional lean mass at the abdominal area were correlated with calcitonin, osteocalcin, parathormone (PTH), IGF-1, and 25-OH vitamin D.
Hypocalcaemia is frequently associated with hyperphosphataemia in CKD with its mechanism associated with primary hyposecretion of parathormone which results in a progressive decrease in blood calcium levels up to a steady state characterised by an equality between urinary calcium excretion and osseous calcium secretion [13,14].
Calcium reduces parathormone levels during pregnancy (6), but does not reduce concentrations of intracellular calcium, does not improve endothelial function, and does not improve production of vasodilatory prostaglandins; all the aforementioned is indeed produced by the combination with conjugated linoleic acid, factors recognized as protective for preeclampsia development (7-9).
A study of serum parathormone and anti-TPO antibodies in 2267 patients.
5 g/dl, unregulated hyperparathyroidism (intact parathormone (iPTH) >300 pg/ml), hypertension not regulated with the administered therapy ([greater than or equal to]160/100 mmHg), history of myocardial infarction, unstable angina, thromboembolic disease and cerebrovascular insult during the last six months.
Chief cells of the parathyroid glands secrete parathyroid hormone (PTH), also known as parathormone or parathyrin.
A study of the association of higher parathormone levels with health-related quality of life in hemodialysis patients.
Serum parathormone (PTH) level was in lower normal range (15.
Parathormone mobilizes calcium from soft tissue deposits, but the effect is irregular.
Moreover, the serum parathormone and vitamin D levels were also normal, and bone marrow aspiration and a biopsy yielded nothing abnormal.