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the relation between two different kinds of organisms in which one receives benefits from the other by causing damage to it (usually not fatal damage)

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6] Although Spirometra mansoni spargana could parasitize in many different human tissues, the parasitizing in lung is infrequent.
Such parasitic larva of almost all aquatic mites parasitizes hosts from a number of different aquatic insects including Diptera (Smith et al.
The life history of Excorallana species is little known since the marine species of these ectoparasites seem to emerge from the criptofauna for temporarily parasitize fish, microcrustaceans, ascidians, sponges and mollusks (Delaney, 1989).
Campoletis flavicincta females that did not parasitize a caterpillar (one, zero, two, two, and three females in treatments with 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 hosts [day.
Ichneumonidae can parasitize colonies of social wasps, even with adult wasps actively defending them (Soares et al.
mephiditis, parasitizes the striped skunk, the hooded skunk (Mephitis tnacroura Lichtenstein) and, curiously, the island fox (Urocyon littoralis (Baird)) in North America (Price et al.
Washington, August 3 ( ANI ): Female cuckoos have evolved different guises to minimise the chance of being recognised and thus being attacked by the birds they are trying to parasitize, according to a new research.
These attacks are intended to punish the Syrian people for its patriotic stance, to parasitize the mission of(the international envoy Kofi) Annan and to foil (.
We will support you in reforms of energy system, but we will not allow you to parasitize on population.
jaws and parasitize the salmon for mucus, skin and blood.
With international colleagues, Healy reclassified a group of tapeworm species, most of which parasitize stingrays, into a new order, which includes five genera new to science.
For the past decade, beekeepers have treated their hives with pesticides to combat two kinds of mites that parasitize the bees.
No adverse effects (acute toxicity) with the direct exposure of neem formulations were seen on longevity, foraging behaviour and ability to parasitize hosts (P.
These frogs are frequently parasitized by Hannemania mites but no data exist on how these frogs interact with their parasitic mites (Lynch 1970; Dixon 2000) or what species of Hannemania parasitize E.
Rotylenchus is a cosmopolitan genus of plant-parasitic nematodes that are predominantly found in temperate regions of the world; some of its species parasitize vegetables, ornamentals, and fruit and forest trees.