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Synonyms for parasitical

of or characteristic of a parasite

Synonyms for parasitical

relating to or caused by parasites


of plants or persons

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Urdu and Punjabi inherited by me through my parents, from rapid mutilation by English and its parasitical hybrid, known as 'Minglish'.
This type of parasitical individual will surely be a rare entity and I am in no way suggesting this is the norm.
Some observers note that parasitical infestations are common in the third world.
You could blame this on the parasitical aspect of our profession: advertising, by nature, latches on to society and feeds off it.
" The disease is spreading in Delhi as patients are transmitting this parasitical infection to other anopheles once they are bitten by them.
The degree of parasitical energy to keep theturbines turning has been ludicrous.
He has promised to get rid of the parasitical elite.
A charismatic leader took the stage in an arena packed to the rafters with fanatical supporters and delivered a rousing and most assuredly politically incorrect speech decrying the United States' "suicidal tolerance of parasitical aliens, making something entirely different out of the nation, destroying its ethics, morals, patriotism, and religious conceptions." He told his devoted audience to pledge their loyalty to him and their desires for a greater America.
HOW I agree with Arthur Quarmby regarding the EU and the need for us to get out of that parasitical organisation.
As per the second edition of the report titled "Preventing disease through healthy environments: a global assessment of burden of disease from environmental risks", the deaths were attributed to noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), work related injuries and as well as to infectious diseases, nutritional deficiencies, parasitical infections and neonatal deaths.
"PERNICIOUS and parasitical" ticket touts are "leeching" from artists such as Adele, a Labour frontbencher has said.
When he was Shadow Sports Minister, Rhondda MP Chris Bryant called on the Government to outlaw the resale of rugby tickets, claiming touts are "parasitical rip-off merchants".
Renaissance poetry, where it had classical models, was influenced by bad interpretations as well as good ones, and there is no better record of how classical authors were taught in school than obsolete, error-ridden, parasitical commentaries.
Hair goat farming activities such as grazing kid selling barn disinfection cheese selling vaccination bathing for mites shearing internal and external parasitical disinfection are male dominated activities whereas activities like milking and barn cleaning are female's domain and the rest of the activities were carried out both male and female.
Malaria is one of the deadliest parasitical disease that mankind has ever had to encounter.