parasitic worm

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worm that is parasitic on the intestines of vertebrates especially roundworms and tapeworms and flukes

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Months on from the deaths - and after calling experts across the globe - it was discovered that the brain infection which killed the men was caused by parasitic worms.
The stem cells that Newmark's team found closely resemble stem cells in planaria, free-living relatives of the parasitic worms.
The disease is caused by a black fly-bite that results in Onchocerca volvulus, a parasitic worm that lives in the human body.
A health department spokesman said there was no scientific evidence that infestation with ascaris, a parasitic worm which lives in the intestine, was a way to lose weight.
PALMDALE - A bear captured in an artificial waterfall in a gated west Palmdale neighborhood was euthanized after wardens discovered its eyes were infected with a parasitic worm, officials said Friday.
Toxicarias canis is a parasitic worm often found in dog faeces, which can, if swallowed, cause serious health problems, including blindness, in people.
Finally, it was observed that pigmeat destined for Member States that systematically test for trichina (a parasitic worm found in the voluntary muscles of flesh-eating animals), such as Italy, Spain and Austria, was not subject to cold treatment, contrary to the provisions of Directive 64/433/EEC (hygiene problems regarding intra-Community trade in fresh meat).
Joel Weinstock and his team gave a drink containing the eggs of a parasitic worm to six people with chronic inflammatory bowel disease.
Bahn pulled a nearly finished toilet paper roll out of the patient's plastic grocery bag and noticed a large parasitic worm wrapped around it.
Both men later died days apart of a brain inflammation caused by the deadly parasitic worm halcephalobus, which a pathologist believes came from their organ donor.
The Dark Blues found themselves bogged down at their Edinburgh home during this year's RBS Six Nations as a parasitic worm infestation turned the playing field into a muddy mess.
Washington, June 16 ( ANI ): A new study has found vital biological and genetic information from sequence of genomes of the whipworm, an intestinal parasitic worm that infects many people in the developing countries.
lamblia, those infected with the protozoan were only 71 percent as likely to contract a parasitic worm.
It's a disease that's caused by a parasitic worm which can affect dogs of all ages.