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MITIGATIONProf Matthew Dida, the Head of the Department of Agriculture at Maseno University, said that there are different kinds of Dodder species which can affect indigenous vegetables and trees."It is possible that the parasitic plant could evolve to affect other species that have not been under attack so far," said Prof Dida, pointing out that the most affected tree species in western Kenya are in the family of the yellow oleander, usually preferred for live fencing.
IN TERMS OF DELICATENESS, parasitic plants face similar issues.
The presence of the protein granules in the tracheary elements which is a rare feature found only in selected parasitic plant families could also be of great relevance in the field of taxonomy and systematics.
Role of the sucrose synthase encoding PrSusl gene in the development of the parasitic plant Phelipanche ramose L.
You could stare back at them, sometimes from the bow Jacuzzi, glass of wine in hand, watch herons, ducks and swans, wonder at the mistletoe bedecked trees lining the canal - this parasitic plant is actually becoming a real menace to its hosts - walk or cycle the canal towpath on one of 12 bikes on board and visit local villages, or just doze on the sundeck.
Does the generalist parasitic plant Cuscuta campestris selectively forage in heterogeneous plant communities?
However another parasitic plant Striga exhibited strong antioxidant activity with IC50 values of 18.65 1.46 and 11.20 0.52 g/ml respectively in the DPPH and nitricoxide radicalinhibition assays.
There are few studies on genetic interactions between wild and weedy forms of parasitic plant species.
It is a parasitic plant, with no visible leaves, roots or stem.
This parasitic plant produces the largest flower in the world.
Mistletoe is a parasitic plant and its favourite host tree is apple but it can grow well on poplars, limes, false acacias and hawthorn.
Found in all 48 contiguous states and Hawaii, dodder is a parasitic plant with yellow or reddish filaments that wrap themselves around flowers such as salvia, petunias, mums and geraniums, and garden plants including potatoes, onions and blueberries.
The best-documented route for natural formation of transgenic plants is gene transfer between a plant epiphyte (such as mosses), or a parasitic plant (like dodder) and the host plant it colonises.
Mistletoe is a parasitic plant which loves sof t-barked trees such as apple, poplar and lime.