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a condition in which parasites are present in the blood

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Our results concerning parasitaemia, when compared to other surveys carried out in Neotropical countries were similar to those obtained by Renjifo et al (1952) in eastern Colombia, Sousa & Herman (1982) in Panama, and Rodriguez & Matta (2001) also in eastern Colombia (27%, 18% and 16%, respectively); these were, however, higher than those found by White et al.
Activation of the host response in human--Plasmodium falciparum malaria: Relation of parasitaemia to tumor necrosis factor/cachectin, thrombin-anti-thrombin III, protein C levels.
CC chemokine receptor 5(+) macrophages (CCCR5+) are cells targeted by HIV for infection and their accumulation in the placenta in response to malaria parasitaemia in the placenta increases the reservoir of HIV in the placenta, thereby increasing the risk of vertical transmission of HIV.
Showing the follow-up days that performed persistence HPRII antigen in some cases and their initial parasitaemia. Case No.
Parasitaemia clearance and complete resolution of symptoms such as fever, chills and vomiting (frequent signs of malaria) in all the patients provided evidence for clinical efficacy of the regimen.
Canine leishmaniasis in Routh-east of France: Screening of Leishmania infantum antibodies (western blotting, ELISA) and parasitaemia levels by PCR quintification.
falciparum parasitaemia in village populations was high during the monsoon season, whereas there was no seasonal variation in parasitaemia among the TSR personnel.
falciparum parasitaemia. The sensitivity and specificity of WHO criteria in identifying invasive bacterial disease in slide-positive children were 60.0% and 53.5% (51.4-55.6%) compared with 70.5% (68.2-72.9%) and 48.1% (45.6-50.7%) in slide-negative children.
The level of parasitaemia and the percentage of anaemia do not have relationship during anaplasmosis (Schroeder and Ristic, 1968).
The parasite was then allowed to incubate in the mice for 72 hours after which thin blood film was prepared from tail snip, and stained using Giemsa stain and the parasitaemia confirmed by viewing using x100 objective of the light microscope.
Since individuals with asymptomatic parasitaemia will not be identified by early detection and treatment programs, they may continue to serve as a source of infection for vector mosquitoes, complicating control measures [14].
Clinical Signs and Parasitaemia. The early stage clinical signs in the infected animals included: fever, dullness, enlarged lymph nodes and spleen, weight loss, increased respiratory and pulse rates, and peri-orbital erythema.
Neospora caninum- associated abortion in cattle: the time of experimentally-induced parasitaemia during gestation determines foetal survival.
The malaria control programme is well aware that incorrect speciation is common and mixed infections and low levels of parasitaemia may be missed by microscopy.
In our case, the patient did not have any features to characterize severe malaria, and parasitaemia was <5%.