paraquat poisoning

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poisoning caused by ingestion of paraquat

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[4] "Clinical aspects of paraquat poisoning," in Proceedings of an International Meeting held on October 7, 1975, K.
[2-4] Since the 1970s, death of patients with paraquat poisoning has been identified as mainly associated with acute lung injury.
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No effective antidote has been identified for Paraquat poisoning. It is generally believed that once systemic toxicity manifestations have appeared then intensive care does not improve the outcomes.
Association between plasma paraquat level and outcome of paraquat poisoning in 375 paraquat poisoning patients.
Direct injury Number of cases Survived Pneumonia (1) CAP 6 6 (2) HAP 8 3 (3) H1N1 4 3 (4) Leptospirosis 2 1 (5) Scrub typhus 7 6 (6) Aspiration 2 1 Dengue 3 3 Tuberculosis 2 2 Toxic inhalation 1 1 Near-drowning 3 3 Paraquat poisoning 3 0 Total 41 29 Indirect injury Number of cases Survived Sepsis (1) Malaria 2 2 (2) MRSA 3 1 (3) Klebsiella pneumoniae 1 0 (4) E.
A GRIEVING family will go to court tomorrow to fight for "justice" for a dad who died in agony from paraquat poisoning.
A FAMILY who watched their dad die in agony from paraquat poisoning are to sue their local council for negligence.
This popular, happy-go-lucky character hit hard times, however, and his career was already over when, at the age of 35, he was found dying of paraquat poisoning in an Exeter hotel in 1969.
Homicide by paraquat poisoning. Med Sci Law 1999;39:266-9.
This pattern is related to the site and severity of toxicity within the kidney, reveals alterations in unusual metabolites that are not commonly measured, and can be used as a noninvasive identification procedure for paraquat poisoning.