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The nonlocal observations in surrogate tapping are consistent with data on distant healing and DMILS in parapsychology and provide support for an anomalous process of information transfer, or psi.
The final three chapters directly concern parapsychology, and they may be most interesting to the readers of this journal, but Braude uses the analyses he has given in earlier chapters as the foundation for the moves he makes in these chapters.
discusses at some length why much of the public mind seems closed to parapsychology.
But before we address this, we note that although it is true that most studies in parapsychology databases do not display significant results, it is also true that the number that do is significantly above the null hypothesis expectation.
A notable contribution was his chapter "Sleep and Dreams" in Wolman's Handbook of Parapsychology (Van de Castle, 1977).
Chapter 2 is concerned with students' motivations for studying parapsychology so as to ensure a good fit with content and orientation.
In any event, Randi's Prize: What Sceptics Say About the Paranormal, Why They Are Wrong and Why It Matters is a pleasant and informative read for individuals well-versed in parapsychology, and it does offer insights into the often curious behavior of the skeptics.
She sketches his medical career in the United States and his growing involvement in psychical research, the term he came to prefer for his branch of parapsychology.
The great majority of experiments in psychology and parapsychology have been conducted with the more informal methodological practices of exploratory research, rather than with the more systematic methodology of well-designed confirmatory research (Nosek, Spies, & Motyl, 2012; Open Science Collaboration, 2012; Kennedy, 2013a; Wagenmakers, Wetzels, Borsboom, van der Maas, & Kevit, 2012).
Of course, it would be practically impossible to discuss every statistical issue an author might confront, so I will restrict myself to the issues I consider most important and controversial in contemporary parapsychology.
It's the same as it was for Saint Augustine: For those of us who work in parapsychology, psi escapes our comprehension and control.
Scholarly research collections of the "paranormal" and the field of parapsychology itself have been focused on phenomenological aspects, theoretical causes, or metaphysical implications.