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The elephant is the word "parapsychology." This word was coined in 1889 by the German philosopher and psychologist Max Dessoir, who defined it as "the power or means of going beyond or besides the ordinary.
'In your article on parapsychology, you mention that 'Masteral degrees in parapsychology are available in the curricula of the University of California in Los Angeles, Duke University, World University of America in Ojai, California, John F.
An extensive higher-education textbook (expected to be around 600+ pages) and an online Second-Master Degree Program (UAS) on the subjects of Clinical Parapsychology focusing on Extrasensory Experiences are both reported to be in the works and are expected to be released and launched in early 2015.
Parapsychology is a field that has been satirized in film and fiction.
Programme tutor Tony Lawrence claimed parapsychology had been wrongly marginalised by scientists.
Perhaps the primary factor is parapsychology, formerly known as psychic research.
Sea of Souls' Clyde University Parapsychology Department (BBC1, Saturday) and Taggart's CID HQ both seem to be based in Strathclyde Uni's James Weir Building in Glasgow's Rottenrow.
May recently announced that its agents, Suzanne Scaly and Toni Simon, represented the Parapsychology Foundation in the sale of the townhouse property at 228 E.
Bill Paterson is Dr Douglas Monaghan, head of a university parapsychology unit.
Backster in the International Journal of Parapsychology. He stated that plants could perceive, as recorded by polygraph, the killing of brine shrimp
Her homemade effects and affect and her poetic deployment of the scientific and pseudoscientific (astronomy, cosmology, botany, parapsychology) refresh, particularly these days, when too many artists ape the lamest aspects of Hollywood (Spielbergian theatricalization) and MTV (ever more speedy editing).
demonstrates how his model can deal with three troublesome areas for science, philosophy, and religion: the mind-body problem, parapsychology, and evolution and creation.
Using the findings of neurophysiology, psychology, parapsychology, and theoretical physics, the author unlocks the mysteries of the mind and helps you understand its full power.
In seeking to explain healing prayer, some contributors refer to parapsychology and cosmic energy.
"This has been the history of parapsychology for about 150 years," remarks psychologist Ray Hyman of the University of Oregon in Eugene.