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someone who studies the evidence for such psychological phenomena as psychokinesis and telepathy and clairvoyance

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He said: "As a parapsychologist, I will attempt to rationalise and analyse any captured phenomena using scientific investigative methods.
Wolffram (history, University of Queensland, Australia) sets herself the daunting task of extricating the development of psychical research in Germany from 1870-1939 from both the fictional depiction of the parapsychologist and the myth of the Nazi regime steeped in occultism.
Eventually, she employs a parapsychologist named Aurora (British veteran actress Geraldine Chaplin) who discovers secrets about the house which may or may not be true.
Even a shrink (Hector Cabello Reyes, Lavaine's co-scribe) tells him he's suppressing homosexual desires, but things look clearer once a parapsychologist (Michel Duchaussoy) is called in and he, too, sees the mincing apparitions.
In most scenes of the video, Eva is presented to various experts, including parapsychologist Baron von Schrenck-Notzing.
99) is a primer providing a dialogue between a clinical psychologist with 'psychic' patients and a parapsychologist who places his reports in a scientific framework.
Parapsychologist and ghost hunter Cree Black is called in as a last resort after medical science failed to discover why 15-year-old Tommy Keeday suffers from strange and continual seizures.
Most of the cast are what you would expect to see in a situation like this, with the exception of Anna Galloway, the parapsychologist who has dreamed of the manor long before she knew it was a real place, and Miss Mamie, who runs the manor and has some secrets of her own.
In Ancestral Power, Lynne Hume, drawing on the works of anthropologists such as David Turner, Edith Turner, Roy Rappaport, as well as ethnomusicologists and scholars of consciousness studies, examines situations in which Aboriginal persons experience what parapsychologist Charles T Tart (1975) has called 'Altered States of Consciousness', or ASC.
Senate is quick to point out that he's neither a professional parapsychologist nor a medium, but he will check out haunted houses.
Then a parapsychologist will say - correctly, "The fact that a magician can duplicate the appearance of this claimed paranormal event does not prove that the psychic did not do it psychically.
Of greater importance (to me at least), my anger at Hansel was one of the reasons I decided to bum my bridges in mainstream academia and become a parapsychologist.
The Festival of Fear, organised by the Old Newcastle Project, first welcomes North East parapsychologist Dr Iain Jay and his team, who tomorrow night will bring their immersive theatrical search for Jack the Ripper, to the medieval tower.