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beyond normal physical explanation

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When a spate of suicide cases occur involving victims slashing themselves with razors in their sleep, Kirishima is ordered by her superiors to take a parapsychological approach.
The first author (MS) has conducted numerous parapsychological studies that have obtained positive results and has argued in favour of certain types of psychic ability (e.g.
"Our staff are not all out and out believers there will some very critical investigations into parapsychological experiments." said Mr Lawrence.
She, like Rahner, holds that parapsychological powers (psi) are natural, and so cannot "contradict nature," as miracles supposedly do.
The World Of The Paranormal: The Next Frontier challenges current parapsychological thinking and offers new insights in the study of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychic healing, and other psychic phenomena.
Founded in California in 1972, the ISPR says it is the only parapsychological investigative team of its kind in the world.
Parapsychological facts, experiences and occurrences are real; they stand in need of explanation; they must not be narrow-mindedly avoided because of theoretical bigotry.
* Defining an apparition and exploring the difference between an apparition and other religious experiences, such as visions or parapsychological events.
Segregated utterly from society because of his parapsychological "ability," Vale allows himself to be controlled and trained by a psychiatrist, who eventually betrays him.
Ramakrishna Rao has been an influential figure in parapsychology for over 50 years (notably as Director of The Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man, subsequently the Rhine Research Centre, as President of the Parapsychological Association, and as Editor of this Journal for 18 years).
The fourth volume in a thoughtful and occasionally iconoclastic series, "Keep This Quiet" takes place in the '90s in Tienen, Belgium, where assorted parapsychological phenomena accompany the death of her housemate.
But as psychologist Arthur Koestler of Stanford University pointed out in The Roots of Coincidence, his enlightening book: It is in the very nature of parapsychological phenomena that they are not repeatable at will, and that they operate unpredictably.
of Florida) bring together 17 essays by North American and British psychologists, parapsychologists, and others who debate the presence of parapsychological phenomena.
In the early 1980s, Ronson has discovered - thanks to a very amiable Vietnam veteran called General Stubblebine - the CIA got interested in the possibilities of parapsychological intelligence.