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a trained worker who is not a member of a profession but who assists a professional

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With districts facing a shortage of bilingual teachers, paraprofessionals present a rich source of candidates.
What impact does type of learning experience have on teacher and paraprofessional language usage when interacting with students?
Compared to paraprofessional direct support, both studies showed peer support arrangements resulted in more frequent and longer interactions with peers and similar or slightly increased levels of engagement in class activities.
There are positive benefits for assigning a paraprofessional to work one-on-one with a student with disabilities.
Headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ, S4T provides substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, and educational support staff to over 150 K-12 school districts.
To provide paraprofessional substitutes for absence where students require 1:1 assistance at the class C rate only with a fill rate of 100%.
Paraprofessional staff are the chief agents in customer service and frequently act as the interface with the customer.
The skills were introduced to the student by the paraprofessional in the following order: Maintaining Appropriate Physical Distance from Others, How and When to Interrupt, Editing Sensitive Subjects, Recognizing Feelings, Dealing with Making Mistakes, and Trying When Work is Hard.
Several chapters are devoted to in-depth discussions of the many tasks needed by the paraprofessional to perform well on the job.
Are you a teacher who feels fortunate to have a full-time paraprofessional in your classroom?
The role of the paraprofessional in this instance is also carried out under the direction of a certified teacher.
However, the majority of studies on paraprofessionals fail to address the ways in which collaborative linkages between institutions of higher education and local school districts respond to the unique needs of individuals within the paraprofessional community.
The term paraprofessional has not been clearly defined in the field of education.
For-profit institutions such as the University of Phoenix and Kaplan University also have launched paraprofessional training programs.