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a minor inadvertent mistake usually observed in speech or writing or in small accidents or memory lapses etc

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Most welcome is a Thomas Elsaesser essay "'Rescued in Vain': Parapraxis and Deferred Action in Konrad Wolf's Stars", what I believe to be the most accomplished treatment of the film in English and to be published as part of a forthcoming book by the author.
In a sense, these discrepancies reveal the conflicted unconscious of the university through an institutional parapraxis. Jeppesen argues
Atchley adds, "writing a/theologically is parapraxis, that is, a praxis which involves 'failure, slip, error, or mistake'.
'Interpretation' applies to something that one does to some single element of the material, such as an association or a parapraxis. But it is a 'construction' when one lays before the subject of the analysis a piece of his early history that he has forgotten, in some such way as this: 'Up to your nth year you regarded yourself as the sole and unlimited possessor of your mother; then came another baby and brought you grave disillusionment (Freud, 1937, p.
Evidence of fantasy may emerge in dreams, daydreams, parapraxis, jokes, hallucinations, metaphors, symptoms, and behavior in ways often unrecognized.
diagnosis of traumatic repression or the Signorelli parapraxis,
While the associative nature of his thought rhymes conjure Freud's analyses of parapraxis in The Psychopathology of Everyday Life, Murray's name-drops of contemporary theorists such as Michel Foucault and Jean Baudrillard heavy-handedly draw attention to the concerns of postmodern linguistics.
"Absence as Presence, Presence as Parapraxis: On Some Problems of Representing 'Jews' in the New German Cinema." Fr 49.1 (2008): 106-20.
Parapraxis, or a so-called slip of the tongue, entails substitutions, too, but unintended ones.
Volgens Lacan verraai ons meer deur parapraxis en simptome van die liggaam as wat ons besef.
The reasons are not limited to psychoanalytical explanations for our saying (or hearing) the "wrong" thing (Freud's "parapraxis"--as it is sort of translated into medicalized English from his far clearer German words Versprechen or Fehlleistung, meaning something said or done mistakenly).
A first for the five-year-old event, production has been jointly organised by Middlesbrough Council arts development team and saw four other pieces of work - Freerange Farm, The Stalking, Clubthumb and Parapraxis - commissioned for the festival.
To choose pages 465-466 over the more obviously relevant adjacent pages 464-465 might seem a Freudian slip or parapraxis, a possibly revealing repression.