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one of a pair of fleshy appendages of a polychete annelid that functions in locomotion and breathing

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Uma cadeira de rodas adaptada custa em media aproximadamente R$ 2.500,00; muletas, andadores, cadeira de banho, prancha de comunicacao e carrinho de bebe foram estimados em R$ 150,00; parapodium, carteira escolar e orteses cerca de R$ 300,00.
Parapodium was separated from polychaete, placed on a slide with a drop of glycerol, and covered with a cover slip and the chaetae were observed under an Olympus compound microscope.
SCI-A subjects regularly walked with crutches or a parapodium during the week, while SCI-NA subjects did not.
Yuksek seviyeli yaralanmali cocuklarda standing frame ve parapodium kullanimina erken donemde baslanabilir.
But then she came across the Dynamic Parapodium, a device that allows users to rock from side to side, effectively taking steps.
For the Polish-designed Parapodium supporting his legs and hips will let grandad William discard his wheelchair and get about upright using a rocking motion.
The number of setigerous segments is always 16; setigers 1-3 only have notosetae; setigers 4-15 have uncini and notosetae, aud setiger 16 only notosetae; the last segment bears a reduced parapodium which lacks setae.
fulgerans has only 2 aciculae per parapodium and is not pigmented.