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rewording for the purpose of clarification

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But there are five variant incipits which come from Moller's interpretatio, and one from Beza's paraphrasis; they are listed here with the manuscripts(5) that contain them:
If he finally dedicated In Acta apostolorum paraphrasis to Pope Clement VII (for none other than England's Thomas Wolsey was almost patronized), Erasmus was under some duress when he wrote it, singularly depressed by his comparison of the church of Luke's day with the loose-living society of Renaissance Italy.
Junius had his own Anglo-Saxon types made in Amsterdam in 1654 and they were first used in 1655 for the book presently reproduced and for his Caedmonis Monachi Paraphrasis Poetica, which prints the poems in MS Junius 11 (Genesis, Exodus, Daniel, Christ and Satan).
Coornhert had been trained in legal matters by Erasmus' secretary, Quirinus Talesius, and at the end of his life had been completing a translation into Dutch of Erasmus' Paraphrasis. He seems to have developed radical views that exist in posse in Erasmus' works.
It was between his two stays in England that he produced his most important contributions in the field of Germanic philology: the Observationes on Williram and Caedmonis Monachi Paraphrasis Poetica Genesios (both in 1655), the first edition of the Gothic Bible (1665) and his Gothicum Glossarium (1665).