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Synonyms for paraphrase

Synonyms for paraphrase

a restating of something in other, especially simpler, words

to express the meaning of in other, especially simpler, words

Synonyms for paraphrase

rewording for the purpose of clarification

express the same message in different words

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The Pianist's Guide to Transcriptions, Arrangements, and Paraphrases, by Maurice Hinson.
Pabel focuses on the Modus orandi Deum (1524), a treatise on prayer; Precatio dominica (1524), a paraphrase of the Lord's Prayer; and Precationes aliquot novae (1535), a prayer book teaching youths how to have a colloquy with God.
Any paraphrase, if desired, can be placed in a footnote.
And the novelist Patricia Powell recuperating for me the whole rancorous, clamorous weekend by voicing what I realized I was feeling (and hence demonstrating the power of language, in the hands of a gifted writer, to introduce us to ourselves--and here I paraphrase from my notes) when she spoke of gratitude for the intensity of the conflicts and the argument and of a renewed desire to struggle with incommensurables, such as the interior demands of producing literature facing the exterior imperatives of confronting a plague.
AUS does more than paraphrase court decisions, regulations and IRS rulings -- we provide background information and context so that advisors can fully understand and capitalize on sales and service opportunities," said Robert J.
In his own refined way, Baziotes carries forward the idea that has informed what might be called metamorphic abstraction from the start: the belief that abstract means were adequate to the task of making manifest "subtle feelings we didn't know we had," to paraphrase Kandinsky, officially the first Abstract Expressionist.
To paraphrase Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist: Please, sir, can we have some more?
You might say Hyway-Command is two companies separated by a common language, to paraphrase a famous author," noted John Mercer of Hyway "We do have a common philosophy of a commitment to superior service, and utilizing the best technology available to deliver that service.
Cuba, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, is an evil island empire.
Not only does Erasmus offer the source of Anabaptist thought on "believer's baptism" but his paraphrase on the Great Commission provides a key for understanding the movement as a whole: "After you have taught the people these things and they have believed what you have taught them, have repented of their prior life, and are ready henceforth to walk according to evangelical doctrine then immerse them in water" (103).
To paraphrase the Rolling Stones," observed Fred Barstein, Founder & CEO of 401kExchange.
To paraphrase the most reliable Source of wisdom, one can't cast out Beelzebub by the power of Beelzebub.
To paraphrase Judge Judy, an electricity shortage fades, but a dropout is forever.
Everything feels sleek and transparent, yet the audiences for Prina's exhibitions and performances are often overwhelmed at the same time by the intricate set of audiovisual data and cultural references, lost in the demanding maze of details and the necessity of step-by-step paraphrase that comes with it.
The compressed paraphrase required in a 701-word review cannot do justice to the subtlety, evidential suggestiveness, and wide learning that her discussions of individual works instantiate.