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Synonyms for paraphrase

Synonyms for paraphrase

a restating of something in other, especially simpler, words

to express the meaning of in other, especially simpler, words

Synonyms for paraphrase

rewording for the purpose of clarification

express the same message in different words

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Semantic paraphrase is a reformulation procedure that preserves the mean ing of the original utterance, but not the lexis or construction.
The success of the activity varied between the four classes, but in each class the students were engaged in the activity, completed at least one paraphrase, and were excited to share with each other and the class what they had written.
The technologies we have developed in ParaPhrase make it possible now to really exploit the power of these new systems.
In spite of its difficulty, the Themistian paraphrase remains fundamentally Aristotelian in its perspective, following the order of the Aristotelian text fairly closely while at the same time providing stimulating discussions of Aristotle's thoughts as well as expanding upon the original text of Aristotle in interesting ways.
In the paraphrase of the letters to the Corinthians, for example, Erasmus returns to a theme familiar from his other writings, that discord is an evil arising from the passions that must be purified through faith and love, and to a subject that had also concerned him in his Encomium on Marriage (1518), that celibacy is praiseworthy but is only for those strong enough to endure in it.
We present in this paper a novel approach to the task of paraphrase identification.
Consistent with previous research (Roig, 1999), students did not differ on the moderate paragraph indicating that generally, methods students can paraphrase brief passages that contain little psychological terminology.
The paraphrase, without that say-nothing stinker "very": The superintendent said improving the students' admittedly low language skills had been challenging, but that he was pleased to report some improvement after months of intense effort.
The essays cover a rich variety of approaches, including theological, liturgical, literary, and musical, to the analysis of biblical texts, and explore the rich context of proliferation of the paraphrase, a form of rewriting that includes exegesis, translation, sermons, imitation, and poetry.
To paraphrase Jesus, blessed are those who risk persecution for the sake of truth and justice.
In this ``Camelot,'' to paraphrase a lyric, ``That's how conditions are.
Though footnotes noting where the libretto is an exact quote or a paraphrase of its original literary source are present, Faust/Romeo Et Juliette is far more than a simple scholarly or literary reference; it is intended especially for anyone determined to faithfully produce, conduct, or perform Gounod's great operas regardless of their level of fluency in French, and to this end includes literary source footnotes and essays explaining the development of the libretti.
WHEN CONVICTION, like certainty, is not informed by critical thought and an evaluative process, it can be more dangerous than half-truths or even lies--to paraphrase Nietzsche.
To paraphrase a holy pontiff who, as Vicar of Christ, gave exemplary service during my lifetime, "the smoke of Satan has entered St.
Roig concluded that students may plagiarize because they do not understand how to paraphrase and cite correctly.