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A manipulation check revealed that participants perceived the topic of paraphilias to require the highest level of intimacy (M = 8.26, SD = 1.48), sexual fantasy to require the lowest level of intimacy (M = 2.65, SD = 1.07), and cybersex to require a midrange level of intimacy (M = 4.64, SD = 1.21), F(1, 191) = 2117.50, p < .001, [[eta].sup.2] = 0.92.
(41) These behaviors, though, are not illegal when they involve a consenting adult, and homosexuality is no longer considered a paraphilia. In fact, the Abel study hints at this confusion, at one point using the term "victim/partner." (42) Thus, it is doubtful that the high rate of recidivism is reflective of what is currently thought to be a sex offense.
The abnormal stress responses in violent offenders can be normalized with medication, such as the "selective and thoughtful use of medications that normalize stress responses, delay impulsive reactions, block the craving for drugs, or suppress nonlethal paraphilias." NIEHOFF, supra note 10, at 265.
Some behaviors, such as sado-masochism, when they are consensual and do not impair life functioning, are not considered a paraphilia because they do not meet all of the diagnostic criteria.
A review of contemporary hypotheses regarding the etiology, assessment, and treatment of paraphilias and nonparaphilic behaviors.
"A paraphilia is a clinical disorder and some people have it and some don't.
On the other hand, his ex-wife denied he had exhibited any paraphilia, and other family members said his relations with children were affectionate, nonviolent and nonsexual.
Paraphilia can be qualified to be a mental abnormality or a personality disorder.
(52.) "Frotteuristic disorder, or frotteurism, is a paraphilia in which a person is sexually aroused by the act or fantasy of making unwanted--and often unrecognized--physical contact with others while in public spaces." Frotteurism, Univ.
If the paraphilic interest is long-standing, persistent, and necessary for sexual enjoyment, it is considered a paraphilia, and in cases where a paraphilia results in significant distress or impairment of functioning, it is considered a paraphilic disorder (American Psychiatric Association; APA, 2013).
Diagnosis Number % Substance abuse/dependence 42 43 Bipolar disorder (1 and 2) 15 15 Major depressive disorder 13 13 Substance-induced disorders 4 4 Adjustment disorder 3 3 Eating disorders 3 3 Psychotic disorders 2 2 Post-traumatic stress disorder 1 1 Paraphilia 1 1 Malingering 1 1 FIGURE 1: Reasons for admission of patients with borderline personality disorder admitted to the acute psychiatric unit at Helen Joseph Hospital during 2010.
In his young days his paraphilia was sort of poetic.
This means that a benign fetish like being turned on by feet or enjoying some consensual bondage play would be considered a paraphilia, while having a sexual obsession with underage children would be considered a paraphilic disorder.
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - Fourth Edition (American Psychiatric Association, 2000) offers the diagnosis of Transvestic Fetishism, which is described as a paraphilia that "involves cross-dressing by a male in a women's attire" (p.