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a flourish added after or under your signature (originally to protect against forgery)

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Thus we do not know if this copy had a title (which could have appeared either on a preceding folio or as an explicit); it is uncertain whether the first letter of each line was a capital (the answer is probably not, since the only surviving complete line (50 in Cotton Julius; 36 in Rawlinson), the first of a new stanza, begins with a lower-case m, although it is possible that the A of As which opens the poem had special treatment, if only in size); and we do not know whether the beginning of each stanza was marked by a paraph in the inner margin (in addition to the line drawn a little way across the page from the inner margin between each stanza).
More broadly, the design of the paraph marks and, perhaps most strikingly, of the ornate borders that mark new texts is consistent across the "Takamiya portion" of the manuscript at Gonville and Caius College and Takamiya MS 33 itself.
In this respect it complements his earlier work in Paraph of the Bone (2001), winner of the American Poetry Review/Honickman First Book Award, Labors Lost Left Unfinished (2006) and Winners Have Yet to Be Announced (2008), a poetic biography of R&B composer, vocalist and recording artist Donny Hathaway.
4) The permanence of men's hold on women's minds and bodies through marking women's identities with the paraph of masculine authority is extensively explored in Kennedy's work.
ED PAVLIC'S book of poems, Paraph of Bone & Other Kinds of Blue, is the winner of the 2001 APR/Honickman First Book Prize.
Annotation is held to encompass not just added marginal words or notes but also passus headings, paraph signs, emphasized words, and rubrication.
With his first volume of published verse, Paraph of the Bone & Other Kinds of Blue, Ed Pavlic explores the rarified aesthetic space described by Evans.
Each quotation is accompanied by a biblical reference that should, according to the placement of the paraph marks, refer to the quotation preceding the reference.
In most manuscripts, as I have noted, this passage comes midway through the prologue or first chapter and is marked as special only by a paraph.
The first line of each couplet is closed with a red virgule, and, after the opening initial, each couplet is headed by a red paraph and a red slashed-line initial.
For example, many items in booklet 6--a collection of fabliaux, courtesy books, and texts on womens nature--begin with a special paraph found only in booklet 6.
A paraph is placed within the stanza here and indicates the opening of each new speech in the dialogue between "Thomas" and the Friend.
The scribes of fifteenth-century manuscripts often used a pair of virgules to guide the rubricator to add a paraph mark ([paragraph]) at the point thus noted.
Spirleng divided the text of the Canterbury Tales with the same paraph marks, giving the page the same visual aspect.