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Synonyms for parapet

Synonyms for parapet

a low wall along the edge of a roof or balcony

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fortification consisting of a low wall

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A dog, which had lain concealed till now, ran backwards and forwards on the parapet with a dismal howl, and collecting himself for a spring, jumped for the dead man's shoulders.
D'Artagnan went to the parapet, leaned over towards the steps of the mole, and called the officer, who immediately came up.
I left him hanging far over the parapet of the bridge.
Flambeau, leaning motionless on the parapet, laughed and said: "My dear fellow
Father Brown, also leaning motionless on the parapet, moved one finger for an instant into the direction of the soot-masked niggers singing on the sands.
When the first arrangements were completed, and we must say, to the honor of vagabond discipline, that Clopin's orders were executed in silence, and with admirable precision, the worthy chief of the band, mounted on the parapet of the church square, and raised his hoarse and surly voice, turning towards Notre-Dame, and brandishing his torch whose light, tossed by the wind, and veiled every moment by its own smoke, made the reddish façade of the church appear and disappear before the eye.
Quasimodo was seen on the parapet of the gallery, holding the scholar by the feet with one hand and whirling him over the abyss like a sling; then a sound like that of a bony structure in contact with a wall was heard, and something was seen to fall which halted a third of the way down in its fall, on a projection in the architecture.
If I were to toss a pebble over this parapet it would be something like a bullet by the time it struck him.
Wilfred Bohun threw one leg over the parapet, and Father Brown had him in a minute by the collar.
As she spoke, she threw open the latticed window which led to the bartisan, and in an instant after, stood on the very verge of the parapet, with not the slightest screen between her and the tremendous depth below.
A quarter of an hour later I ascended the parapet and there found the king and the court assembled and gazing off in the darkness toward Merlin's Tower.
The result of that conference was, that Gabelle again withdrew himself to his housetop behind his stack of chimneys; this time resolved, if his door were broken in (he was a small Southern man of retaliative temperament), to pitch himself head foremost over the parapet, and crush a man or two below.
Dunblane councillors met Network Rail to discuss the new concrete parapets at the town's railway bridge.
Masonry / plaster work: - parapet parapets (~ 10 m 2 ), - smooth jambs (~ 650 m), - lime-cement plaster walls / ceilings (~ 1 500 m 2 ), - connect / arm / repair plaster surfaces (~ 150 m 2 ), - plaster wall openings, Different sizes (~ 150 pcs.
The two-span aqueduct was built in 1856 and comprises a cast iron trough, lattice arches and parapets supported on blue brick abutments and a central brick pier.