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a slight paralysis or weakness of both legs

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Hereditary spastic paraparesis (HSP) defines genetically and clinically heterogeneous group of disorders which is mainly characterized by progressive weakness of lower limbs and spasticity.
Sicca syndrome and HTLV-I-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis. Jpn J Ophthalmol.
Pott's Spine with Paraparesis And Bowel & Bladder Involvement In 14 Yrs.
Spinal cord anaplastic meningioma with extra-neural metastasis may occur in older cats with clinical signs mainly related to spinal compression (paraparesis and paraplegia).
Postoperative complications were mainly NCs (stroke or transient ischemic attack, paraplegia, and paraparesis), respiratory complications (hemothorax and pneumothorax), infectious complications (surgical site infections, blood stream infections, meningitis, and respiratory infections), and renal dysfunction.
Patient T.G., a woman of 70 years old from the rural area, is at her first admission to "Socola" Institute of Psychiatry Iasi, and comes to the hospital accompanied by her family, at the neurologist indication, for a symptomatology manifested by: negative hyperthymic mood, marked irritability, irascibility, reduced tolerance to minor frustrations, psycho-emotional lability, feelings of uselessness and despair, low self-esteem, diffuse anxiety, mixed insomnia, mnesic and prosexic disorders, interpretative ideation with mystical-religious theme in the patient's cultural context, volunteer laryngeal stridor, facial hemispasm, tremors of the extremities, paraparesis, various somatizations, marked difficulties in adapting, integrating and relating in the socio-familial environment.
Clinically 66.8%, 17.8% and 15.4% presented as ascending paralysis, simultaneous quadriparesis and paraparesis respectively.
Harshil Pradeep Shetty will play cymbals from a touch-based device while Zahra Abdul Nasar with spastic paraparesis and intellectual disability will play a mounted Triangle - an idiophone type instrument.
Despite urgent surgical decompression, the patient has experienced limited recovery and persistent paraparesis. Other factors identified as predictive of favorable outcome include absence of coagulopathy, lumbar puncture, or other associated diseases.
Stavale, "Spinal thoracic extradural angiolipoma manifesting as acute onset of paraparesis: case report and review of literature," Surgical Neurology International, vol.
It is common for stone to form in the prepuce especially among those with neurologic impairment and paraparesis or paraplegia as what has happened to our patient [4-6].
Disease severity was assessed on a daily basis by two observers using a scale ranging from 0 to 10: 0, normal; 1, reduced tone of the tail; 2, limp tail, impaired righting; 3, absent righting; 4, gait ataxia; 5, mild paraparesis of the hindlimb; 6, moderate paraparesis; 7, severe paraparesis or paraplegia; 8, tetraparesis; 9, moribund; and 10, death [7].