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Synonyms for paranormal

seemingly outside normal sensory channels


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not in accordance with scientific laws

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A job advert appeared on Facebook to recruit new members, asking: "Are you interested in the paranormal realm?
The first chapter, "Conspiracy Theory and the Paranormal in the Late Twentieth Century," "explores the basic structure and themes of the paranormal and parapolitical conspiracy theories that dominated popular discussion during the 1980s and 1990s" (1).
The sequel was released a year later to not-so-warm-reception, but producers released three more, including the spin-off , "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones" last year.
Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension is opening across the Philippines on Oct.
Paranormal Crucible of YouTube posted a video of his finding with the title "Giant Humanoid Skull Found On Mars" on Nov.
Follow Rebecca case by case as she explores these paranormal activities and talks to individuals who have witnessed these events.
Paranormal activity ranges from the frequent smell of cigar smoke to piano music heard inside abandoned lighthouses where there is no piano or radio!
An operator T is called paranormal, if [parallel]Tx[[parallel].sup.2] [less than or equal to] [parallel][T.sup.2]x[parallel] [parallel]x[parallel], for every x [member of] H.
Conditions of uncertainty and anxiety are thought to provide fertile ground for paranormal beliefs to take root and flourish (Shermer, 2011).
Exploring the occult and paranormal in West Africa.
They logged 144 calls about paranormal activity from April 2007 to March this year.
Paramount's "Paranormal Activity 4," with $29 million, couldn't scare up enough domestic box office in its opening weekend to beat its three predecessors, but the serial chiller was able to scream past the original pics at the international B.O., grossing $26.2 million from Oct.
The fourth "Paranormal Activity" fright flick crept into the No.
THE record-breaking Paranormal Activity franchise that has terrified audiences around the world returns with the scariest story yet - and Paranormal Activity 3 is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.