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Synonyms for paranoiac

a person afflicted with paranoia

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Back to paranoiac. Social media began to buzz asking if Scaramucci had invented the word, as well as asking what the term meant.
But where Pynchon's main theme might be a paranoiac fear of annihilation and conspiracy, Larsen's seems to be an affirmation of the pathetic randomness of life.
Yediot's leading columnist Nahum Barnea responded in a radio interview by calling Netanyahu a paranoiac who "needs hospitalisation".
So paranoiac and schizophrenic as he was, he declared himself an absolute dictator as if Libya was his personal property.
Sadat is portrayed in all his contradictory glory, as visionary and paranoiac, his pious, austere public persona at sharp odds with an ostentatious private lifestyle.
Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas said Blackman, 39, of 42 Commando, had spent five and a half months at a remote post and become "paranoiac about the Taliban gunning for him".
More broadly, here is a paranoiac who sees an implausible coalition of liberal Russians, Ukrainian fascists, the CIA and Islamist terrorists trying to thwart his preferences, if not topple him, at every turn.
Stossel approaches the problem with the thoroughness of the true paranoiac." ROWLAND MANTHORPE
Call me a paranoiac or tell me not to exaggerate, but I am concerned and worried that Turkey could become another Egypt.
The artist affixes on its corporeal image and the story of his life the paranoiac grid of interpretation, giving us "a theatrical and clairvoyant presentation of his own self," thus instituting a new dimension of his creation.
In the paranoiac US market, many car companies have entangled themselves in law suits over bloated claims.
Argo perfectly renders the social and political climate both in Iran and in the United States, whilst offering an interesting contrast between life in eccentric Hollywood and CIA bureaucracy in Washington D.C., and Tehran's paranoiac Bazar, gradually sinking deep into religious fundamentalism.
She characterised the islanders as "paranoiac and mean-spirited".
A crippled Persia will be a bitter paranoiac state, but it will know its limits will probably never maintain any threat towards world peace and democracy.