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a psychological disorder characterized by delusions of persecution or grandeur

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Since classical psychology characterizes paranoia as a defense against perceived threats, we can better understand why the prepper repacks her knapsack, the militiaman cleans his rifle, and the survivalist catalogues his stores of food.
En la literatura Dali busco ejemplos de la paranoia, encontro uno que le atraia con fuerza: "Sone que era una mariposa que sonaba que era un hombre, y ahora ya no se bien si soy un hombre que suena que es una mariposa o el hombre sonado por esta".
In this article, we review the nature of paranoia and the continuum of syndromes to which it is a central feature, as well as treatment approaches.
According to the study, people with severe paranoia often display symptoms of extreme mistrust of other people and believe that others are deliberately trying to harm them.
Psychology professor David LaPorte acknowledges that everyone experiences some paranoia, but his focus in this engaging work is paranoia as a disorder, characterized by "excessive suspiciousness," "hostility, rigidity, and lack of trust.
They all had severe paranoia, which had persisted despite medication.
He said: "They believe that they have been infiltrated by Mi5 and are being very careful, watching what they say, but it's just paranoia.
This is the dilemma Adam Cassidy (Liam Hemsworth) had to face in Paranoia.
You have to have a little bit of paranoia to get better.
PROBLEMS J Alexis suffered paranoia NAVY yard gunman Aaron Alexis was treated for mental illness after hearing voices through playing violent video games for hours on end, it has emerged.
Reason editor Jesse Walker doesn't just catalog conjured c cabals, but offers his own conspiracy theory, too: that paranoia isn't limited to the fringe-it's everywhere, from post-9/11 foreign policy to liberal backlash against the tea party.
Indeed, Walker argues that the seeds of American paranoia were planted at least a century before the revolution that brought the United States into existence.
VICTIMS of muggings and assaults are left with persistent feelings of paranoia that can affect their relationships with others.
The film, written by Tamer Ibrahim, combines the pains of real life along with some hilarious fantasies to make light of one man's paranoia.
At the time I argued that US and Israeli paranoia threatened to lead the entire world to oblivion.