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a psychological disorder characterized by delusions of persecution or grandeur

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Rather than indulging the "root causes" of hateful irrationality or explaining them away as wrong but understandable, public intellectuals such as West, who treated Mos Def's ranting on Osama bin Laden's innocence with undue respect, might want to care a little less about appearing authentic and more about the corrosive consequences of racial paranoia. The bland acceptance by African American studies departments of such anti-Semitic books as The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews comes from the same noxious spirit that fueled the anti-Jewish violence of the 1991 Crown Heights riots in Brooklyn.
Jackson defines racial paranoia as the fear that gropps harbor about other groups, possibly hating or discriminating against them.
But the new research, involving a "virtual" journey on the London underground surrounded by fellow passengers in a simulated tube carriage, suggests that around a third of ordinary people regularly have moments of paranoia.
In truth, the NAU threat is based on solid evidence, not mindless paranoia. For the facts, see our "Merger in the Making" special issue on the NAU (advertised on page 1).
Put another way, terms like paranoia or suspicion seem to demand some kind of application, not only to the writings but to the writer, to require for their full force a more telling continuity between author and text.
Toyota knows about paranoia. The automaker that is now poised to surpass U.S.
Through scenarios drawn from films and his patients' experiences, a noted New York City psychotherapist offers insights into the personal, social, and cultural triggers of paranoia. A dramatic case study concludes Dr.
evolved a "dual class structure" of whites and blacks and that "racialization was not a divide-and-conquer strategy (70)" because whites had begun constructing allegiance based on social "paranoia" (65).
Paranoia permeates Tense Dave, a psychological thriller by Australian company Chunky Move, at Dance Theater Workshop May 25-June 11.
Made of what the artist lists as "dominant cinema notes," "neo-plastic memories," and "meta-allegory of architecture as body," as well as the more easily discernable wood, vinyl, resin, glue, and aforementioned balls (actually smoke bombs), these outwardly tasteful yet somehow troubling maquettes reveal Sanchez's penchant for churning up logic and blurring fantasy, paranoia, and reality.
is its articulation of a paranoia that is at once dismal and thrilling.
The key issue is the relation between paranoia and professionalization.
This can cause hallucinations, paranoia, spasms, and the feeling of being bitten or pinched--symptoms that were all exhibited in 1692.
-- Psychiatry has erred in deemphasizing the importance of paranoia in schizophrenia, Dr.
Behaviour problems for homeless men 65 years or older most commonly stem from memory impairment, verbal aggression and alcohol abuse while the women are more likely to display memory impairment, paranoia and depression.