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a stout straight knife used in Malaysia and Indonesia

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Before we would always cram na parang we have a deadline but this time around, we started recording na rin," Yael shared.
Si Marcio (Lassiter), parang kuya ko siya eh, I'll ask him questions, he'll give me helpful advice that I know I can't get from anybody.
Station House Officer (SHO) Parang Police Station Malik Gul Khan informed media persons that the search and operation was conducted in the area after receiving complaints from the public and adding that police arrested five suspected persons and recovered two Kalashankov, Four Pistols, One Kalakov, M16 rifle and hundreds of bullets from the possessions of arrested persons.
The first section illustrates traditional parang via profoundly important interviews and performances with prominent paranderos including Willie and Tito Lara, Francis Salina, and La Familia de Rio Claro, a family band led by Sydney and Ramona Granger.
Arguments over Parang's history are particularly heated, with some bands demanding that they "perform in a style true to the perceived Latin American and Trinidadian origins of Parang, while other bands insist that Carriacou's own style of parang music is authentic in itself (p.
Parang, a Venezuelan-influenced string band music, was soon considered to be a central part of the festivities held at the Santa Rosa Carib Community center.
Parang Mayor Vivencio Bataga had just delivered a speech and was on his way out of the gym when the bomb exploded, officials said.
Aside from fighting drug dealers in Parang, a Muslim coastal town 515 miles south of Manila, Mr Bataga is also a vocal critic of Muslim separatist guerrillas.
The nation's musical resources extend from calypso to chutney-soca, rapso and parang.
PARANG, PHILIPPINES -- Like most of his shipmates, Steelworker 2nd Class Manuel Reyes gets homesick on deployment, but his symptoms were soothed a bit on a recent Philippine, deployment.
This Jonkanoo season was the first time that Tan-Tan would get to sing Parang with the Cockpit County Jubilante Mummers.
Jaxtr was founded in October 2005 by Phillip Mobin and Touraj Parang with the mission to bring voice to social networks and blogs.
I have the strong urge na i-encourage 'yung mga kapwa kong kababaihan na hindi lang lumaban, na parang 'yung pang-karapatan ko, hindi para i-impose sa tao, kundi para hikayatin din sila na maturuan kayo ng respeto," she said.
Eh 'di parang co-ownership, parang dalawa tayong may-ari niyan, eh 'di mas maganda 'yan kaysa away," Duterte said in a speech in Marawi City on Wednesday.
CHARSADDA -- Six people including one woman were injured in firing incident because of old enmity in the jurisdiction of Parang police station here on Thursday.