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A case of paraneoplastic syndrome mimicking adult-onset Still's disease.
In the case of paraneoplastic syndromes, the severity of symptoms can be used as a guide to the response of tumor therapy, since treating the underlying tumor will often resolve the paraneoplastic features.
Rosin L, DeCamilli P, Butler M, et al: Stiff-man syndrome in a woman with breast cancer: an uncommon central nervous system paraneoplastic syndrome.
A thorough evaluation was done for the possibility of malignancies, paraneoplastic syndromes, autoimmune processes, and infectious etiologies as the cause of OMS.
Hypercalcemia was recognized as the most common paraneoplastic syndrome as early as 1924.
Recurrent polychondritis is observed in 30% of patients with chronic inflammatory diseases and may occasionally be a paraneoplastic syndrome.
Los ANGELES -- This (18) fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography scan shows a patient with dermatomyositis and bronchogenic carcinoma due to paraneoplastic syndrome.
A paraneoplastic syndrome was considered as a possible cause, and an abdominal CT scan showed a mass in the ascending colon and lymphadenopathy.
EAS is a classic paraneoplastic syndrome that can be associated with a variety of solid tumors, mostly of neuroendocrine origin, including aggressive, overt malignancies like SCLC (27%) and occult neoplasms like bronchial carcinoid tumors (21%) (2).
Secondary polycythemia as a paraneoplastic syndrome of testicular seminoma.
When patients with breast cancer present with worsening renal function, previously the most important concerns were paraneoplastic syndrome and membranous glomerulonephritis.
This may result from a malignant infiltrative process, hypercalcemia secondary to a paraneoplastic syndrome, end stage renal disease, calcium-phosphate abnormalities caused by hyperparathyroidism or other metabolic derangements, or from a local metaplastic process resulting from repeated trauma or a chronic inflammatory state.
The production of circulating heparin-like anticoagulants is a rare paraneoplastic syndrome, but should be considered in patients undergoing treatment for malignancies that result in unexplained coagulopathy.
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