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a group of viruses including those causing mumps and measles

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The porcine paramyxovirus LPM specifically recognizes sialyl(alpha 2,3)lactose-containing structures.
Identification of biological activities of paramyxovirus glycoproteins.
Mumps is caused by the paramyxovirus and has a long incubation period taking as long as three weeks from infection to outbreak.
Other viruses involved include either influenza viruses, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), or paramyxovirus.
Researchers suspect the disease - which Oshitani called 'the most significant outbreak that has been spread through air travel in history' - was caused by the paramyxovirus or the coronavirus.
Two candidate viruses had been identified by press time, one belonging to the paramyxovirus family and one to the coronavirus family.
Preliminary investigations by the Pathology Department at the Singapore General Hospital and the Defense Medical Research Institute have identified the likely infective agent to belong to the paramyxovirus family,'' it said.
Aventis Pasteur Limited (Toronto, Canada) has patented a vector comprising a first DNA sequence which is complementary to at least part of an alphavirus RNA genome and having the complement of complete alphavirus DNA genome replication regions, a second DNA sequence encoding a paramyxovirus protein, particularly a respiratory syncytial virus fusion (RSV F) protein or a RSV F protein fragment that generates antibodies that specifically react with RSV F protein, the first and second DNA sequences being under the transcriptional control of a promoter.
drugs: mefloquine, isoniazid, rifampicin chloroquine CHOLERA MEASLES CAUSED BY Bacterium: Vibrio Virus (microscopic cholerae unit of disease- causing chemicals): Paramyxovirus COMMON Watery diarrhea, Fever, cough, red- SYMPTOMS severe dehydration, brown blotchy vomiting rash HOW IT'S Contaminated Through the air SPREAD water and food via coughs, sneezes, spit; highly contagious ESTIMATED 118,932 45 million ANNUAL reported in 2000; (U.
Members of the paramyxovirus family include the parainfluenza viruses (which cause respiratory infections), the mumps virus, and the Newcastle disease virus (which affects birds).
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a paramyxovirus, is a common cause of community-acquired respiratory illness in infants and children.
The Hendra and Nipah viruses, members of the paramyxovirus family, are highly infectious agents that emerged from flying foxes in the 1990s to cause serious disease outbreaks in humans and livestock in Australia, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Singapore.
Avian paramyxovirus (APMV) belongs to the genus Avulavirus, family Paramyxoviridae.
Molecular characterization of Menangle virus, a novel paramyxovirus which infects pigs, fruit bats and humans.