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the state of being paramount

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It has always suited the Fijian elite to hide their class interests behind the rhetoric of Fijian interests and paramountcy and to blame the predicament of ordinary Fijians on others--namely the Indians.
The visitors from foreign lands didn't need to be reminded of the fireworks staged by the American Air Force on the plains of Afghanistan, or of President Bush's remonstrance (delivered the previous Tuesday in Washington) against the new "axis of evil" discovered in the crevices of Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, and not once in five days did I hear anybody dispute the fact of what Zbigniew Brzezinski at the Sunday morning plenary session ("The Paradigm for the Future") referred to as "the American Paramountcy," likely to grow even more formidable over the next twenty years.
Though Dublin has been spared these structures, each in its way intended to assert a harmony between Ireland's aspirations and British rule, the Celtic tiger has instead imposed the towering office blocks that assert the paramountcy of global commerce and the monotonous housing developments that house those who work in them.
Paramountcy of these activities looms ever closer as finite fossil fuels are depleted--first petroleum (within 40-50 years), then natural gas (in about 50 years), and finally coal (not until another 230 years or so).
Above all, there is a demand to maintain Fijian political paramountcy, with an indigenous Fijian as President and Prime Minister.
then individual political and civil rights, which conflict with the paramountcy of the larger group, must be denied" (p.
The time has arrived to restore the UN to paramountcy in disarmament work.
He says that the idea seriously exaggerates both the British government's willingness to intervene overseas before the 1880s, and its success in establishing more than a superficial paramountcy over parts of the wider world.
He notes the difficult geo-political position of Pakistan, he notes the near impossibility of trade with India, and he notes the importance of domestic problems, and perhaps even their paramountcy.
The assassination had taken place at Sulenkama, the location of the Mpondomise paramountcy of Mhlontlo.
Then, as British paramountcy was wound down in advance of withdrawal from the subcontinent, this strategy of rallying the landed interests in opposition to the bourgeois-nationalist praja mandals turned into a much more ambitious and extravagant scheme to entrench monarchical rule in northern India through the establishment of a `separate' Rajput/Jat province.
Mexico's political system is a highly centralized one in which power is actually given up to the center, particularly to the executive branch, although, ostensibly, paramountcy is given to the states and municipalities (municipio libre, "free municipality").
In 1966 nobody could have foreseen, the French least of all, that France's intellectual paramountcy, recognized and celebrated the world over, was on the point of drowning in its own empty verbiage.
Venda and Shangaan chiefs also submitted claims to paramountcy status.
180) Thus, as one commentator believes, the applicability of the paramountcy principle will make little difference.