paramilitary force

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a group of civilians organized in a military fashion (especially to operate in place of or to assist regular army troops)

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The CM House spokesperson said that the official powers of the paramilitary forces were to come to an end on January 10.
Furthermore, providing security to vital installations was also included in notified responsibilities of the paramilitary force.
Kamal Hyder, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Islamabad, said paramilitary forces opened fire after the attck on the post in an upmarket residential area close to some of the capital's most prestigious addresses.
Federation chairman Terry Spence said: "Sir Ian would hardly appreciate his own officers being described as a paramilitary force and he should therefore apologise to the Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde immediately.
Jose Antonio Ladron de Guevara, admitted that at least 30 men from the 31st Counter Guerrilla Battalion, joined the paramilitary force.
Newspapers in Turkey are making connections between what they are calling the "state gang" and a secret paramilitary force that for decades has attacked the left.
According to a Rangers spokesperson, the paramilitary force arrested two suspects Mohammed Aslam and Riaz Husain who were involved in extracting protection money from shopkeepers.
Citing the city's crime statistics for the current year, the DG Rangers said that only four incidents of extortion were reported this year and the paramilitary force handed over more than 1400 criminals to the police during the present year.
QUETTA: Two Paramilitary Force Frontier Corps (FC) soldiers sustained injuries after two rockets fire on their camp in Kharan on Thursday.
On the other hand, a CRPF jawan Anil Kumar committed suicide inside a paramilitary force training center in Humhama area of Budgam district.
While speaking to media persons after book launching ceremony at Arts Council here, the governor said that the paramilitary force has played a significant role in restoring peace in the province especially in Karachi.
Meanwhile, a former personnel of a paramilitary force, Yashpal Singh Negi, urged Gandhi to provide similar initiatives to paramilitary forces.
There is also the possibility that at least a small contingent of a Serbian paramilitary force that was never very well-controlled will remain in the province to snipe at NATO troops and extract what revenge it can as the peacekeeping force carries out its role.
A spokesperson for the paramilitary force said that the head of the paramilitary force visited the office of Sachal Rangers, where Sector Commander Brig Naseem Pervez gave a briefing to him about the successful operation in Sector-5-J of New Karachi.
According to the paramilitary force spokesperson, a suspect, Mohsin Mirza, was arrested during a raid in Jamshed Town.