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any member of the genus Paramecium

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In accordance with Lavergne [9] and Sauvant, Pepin and Piccini (1999), the growth kinetics of Paramecium sp.
They were the arrangers, which meant a lot to me because that was an immense challenge through which they promoted themselves outside Paramecium considering they are the culmination of what is happening and I believe that Tavitjan Brothers represent genuine ambassadors representing both the Macedonian and the world music and jazz and pop music in general because they are in a sort of triangle considering they have to promote themselves, the Macedonian music and the style through which they express themselves.
2009) while the fibrillar mass fibers are composed of bundles of Sfi1-like proteins with bound centrin/spasmin proteins analogous to the contractile infraciliary lattice in Paramecium (Gogendeau et al.
Gp E (experimental) -- A paramecium received a train of shocks (one 60 ms shock every 500 ms) as long it was in the cathode half of the trough.
It's not that a paramecium, say, mulls over possible strategies.
The Reaction of Paramecium to Disruptions in Environments, Lausanne.
The swimming behavior of Paramecium tetralelia is controlled by a calcium-based action potential, generated by the coordinated activity of a series of ion channels.
Directed positioning of micronuclei in Paramecium tetraurelia with laser tweezers: absence of detectable damage after manipulation.
Raab had found that low concentrations of dyes, such as acridine, were able to photo-induce the rapid killing of paramecium.
Paramecium tetraurelia 116 contain Caedibacter taeniospiralis, bacterial endosymbionts that demonstrate killing activity towards Paramecium without endosy bionts.
Zachary Haber, grade 7, Sierra Canyon School, ``Does L-Lysine, colostrum, or silicon increase the process of reproduction of paramecium cells?
Laboratory studies of odonates have shown that they will feed on a variety of animals including Paramecium sp.
A predacious copepod, Mesocyclops longisetus, preys on mosquito larvae and is a candidate for local rearing with Paramecium spp.
If the CEO doesn't help the board see the whale in the pool, the board will naturally gravitate to the paramecium and the algae, because they just don't see the whale.