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materials like aluminum or platinum become magnetized in a magnetic field but it disappears when the field is removed

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Taking paramagnetism into account will be part of our future work to clarify the role of magnetic interactions on hydrogen bonding and diffusion.
Magnetism: covers diamagnetism, paramagnetism and general magnetic responses
Their property of super paramagnetism makes them one of the most sort out particle in the area of targeted drug delivery and cancer therapy.
Aromatic polyazomethines, containing azomethine (-C=N) linkage in the main chain, exhibit excellent thermal stability, good mechanical properties, paramagnetism, semiconductivity, metal-chelating ability, and resistance to high energy due to the resonance stabilization of Schiff base unit and, in some cases, liquid crystalline morphology [1-5].
As Krakiwsky explains, the weak magnetism produced by certain atomic nuclei is called nuclear paramagnetism.
When the FeCo Prussian blue analog is irradiated with 532-nm light, magnetic properties are switched between ferrimagnetism and paramagnetism.
Paramagnetism originates from spin alignment in an applied magnetic field and relates to the competition between thermal versus magnetic energy (m * B/[k.