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Synonyms for paralyse

Synonyms for paralyse

make powerless and unable to function


cause to be paralyzed and immobile

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They may have something to teach as well, about how to organize and move forward in a situation unionists in most industrialized countries would find paralyzingly dangerous.
In Smashed the scene of revelry and destruction is Syracuse University, a school that, because of its size, Greek system and paralyzingly cold weather, has long been a hotbed of binge drinking.
It is little more than an excuse for Carvey to roll out a string of impersonations, mimicry and eccentric characters (Turtle Man gets my vote as the most paralyzingly unfunny) involving movie in-jokes, stunt costumes and ethnic stereotypes.
Even the words Constabl e used to describe what he saw on a lane in Suffolk--"the lights and shadows of Evening are of a more saffron or ruddy hue, vegetation being parched during the day from the drought and the heat"--might well serve as a description of the rugged and varied landscape Freud makes out of flesh, with its hills and vales, dry and moist patches, subcutaneous veins and bones, all scrutinized with a paralyzingly acute focus.
But unlike Funes--whose powers of recall are so paralyzingly complete that it takes him a whole day to remember a whole day--the precogs are at the mercy of the future.
We must try to steer between the "Scylla and Charybdis" of cluelessly unreflexive and paralyzingly reflexive attitudes toward the understanding of social phenomena (p.
When the ferocious men and women who built Britain, the United States, Germany, Italy, France, and Russia used advantages over their neighbors for territorial aggrandizement and the construction of great national states, there was no external club of preexisting great powers able to penetrate their continents and enforce a paralyzingly fragmented status quo on behalf of "civilized" norms of interstate behavior.
The paralyzingly loud drills they use, with their smooth-worn stocks and long, tapered noses, are picture-book examples of twentieth-century industrial design.