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  • verb

Synonyms for paralyze

to render powerless or motionless, as by inflicting severe injury

to render helpless, as by emotion

Synonyms for paralyze

make powerless and unable to function


cause to be paralyzed and immobile

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Hariri accused Israel of working to paralyze Lebanon on all levels.
Heart Lighting may paralyze the heart muscle and/or interfere
Scorpions, notorious for the defnesive stings they inflict when disturbed by humans, also use their poisons offensively to paralyze prey such as insects, other scorpions or small vertebrates.
Laboratory experiments show that AaH IT4, like anti-insect toxins secreted by other "Old World" scorpions, paralyzes insect larvae by binding to sodium channels on the larvae's nerve-cell membranes.
Ask cosmetic dermatologist Leslie Baumann, MD, director of cosmetic dermatology at the University of Miami, what women should consider if they're thinking about cosmetic procedures and she tells you her favorites: Botox injections for the upper third of the face, where the drug, which is actually a poison that acts by paralyzing muscles, temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles responsible for wrinkles, then skin "fillers" on the bottom third.