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Synonyms for parallelism

Synonyms for parallelism

similarity by virtue of corresponding

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Hybrids from two species which are very difficult to cross, and which rarely produce any offspring, are generally very sterile; but the parallelism between the difficulty of making a first cross, and the sterility of the hybrids thus produced--two classes of facts which are generally confounded together--is by no means strict.
Around a great fire which burned on a large, circular flagstone, the flames of which had heated red-hot the legs of a tripod, which was empty for the moment, some wormeaten tables were placed, here and there, haphazard, no lackey of a geometrical turn having deigned to adjust their parallelism, or to see to it that they did not make too unusual angles.
The forest was here almost composed of the kauri; and the largest trees, from the parallelism of their sides, stood up like gigantic columns of wood.
Their success lay in their parallelism to the course of thought, which found in them an unobstructed channel; and the wonders of which they were the visible conductors seemed to the eye their deed.
Among specific topics are finite focal-spreads, subgeometries from focal-spreads, the ubiquity of subgeometry partitions, hyperbolic fibrations and partial flocks, parallelisms of quadric sets, regular parallelisms, parallelisms over ordered fields, and transitive deficiency one.
In this environment, an ideal test system would be able to switch from one memory technology to another while maintaining high throughput, high parallelism, and the capability to adjust to different pin-counts and parallelisms.