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Synonyms for parallelism

Synonyms for parallelism

similarity by virtue of corresponding

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It's important to maintain that parallelism in real-life situations such as train tracks.
For instance, in the following sentence from To the Lighthouse, the axis of selection with adjectival synonyms describing the selfishness of Mr Ramsay was projected into the syntagmatic sequence in which the equivalence or parallelism of adjectives 'thickens' Woolfs language, and 'foregrounds' the formal qualities of the language (see Figure 1).
My article "Big Money for Big Data" in the June 2012 issue of HPC Source notes that massive parallelism is the only path forward for organizations wishing to cope with the ever-increasing size of big data sets.
I address issues of great importance when optimizing a classical data-sorting algorithm regarding fine-grain parallelism and memory management techniques.
Although Mona makes extensive use of parallelism in his poetry in the anthology entitled UVulindlela ("The Pathfinder", 1995), so far no attention has been paid to this aspect of his works.
Such parallelism can mask how genes are linked with disease traits and make it difficult to treat conditions.
The parallelism radiography technique is commonly used as an initial diagnostic tool, because it provides valuable information of a variety of anatomic conditions throughout the coronal--radicular structures.
Multiple coils make loading points irrelevant on the radius of the spring, and also increase parallelism accuracy.
The "federalized" election campaign and the statements of the experts and Albanian-language media, which disputed newly elected President Gjorgje Ivanov's right to represent the Albanians in Macedonia, lead to the conclusion that there is parallelism on an ethnic basis in Macedonia.
Low COT in all high-volume cases can be achieved through high parallelism.
The "top" face was toleranced for parallelism (to Datum A) as well as flatness.
In addition to superior flatness and parallelism, it is said to provide exceptional rigidity and lasting performance.
In four steps, the alignment accuracy offset and parallelism of a machine can be checked to >0.
Because large glazing panels are essentially thin-wall parts and must have parallel surfaces for good optical qualities, molding machines must be able to maintain close parallelism of platens and molds--i.
The tool unrolls loops and generates loop pipelines to exploit the extreme levels of parallelism possible in an FPGA.