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an interface between a computer and a printer where the computer sends multiple bits of information to the printer simultaneously

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To date, the only method of adding serial or parallel ports has been to plug-in 33 MHz, 32-Bit I/O cards.
Addonics' PCD4X4 portable CD-ROM drive connects to the standard or enhanced parallel port (EPP) on any PC.
The EZ135 parallel port will be available through such retailers as Best Buy, Computer City, Fry's and CompUSA, as well as commercial distributors and mail-order companies.
to be connected using a single expansion board or parallel port in the computer.
The first of its kind in the multimedia computer peripheral marketplace, Addonics claims, the PCD6X connects to a PC through an exhanced parallel port (EPP).
is marketing a parallel port compatible with Windows 95.
This can save developers considerable amounts of time as FireFly can program flash more than 8 times faster than via a parallel port interface.
The tape drive can be installed inside your computer or attached to your parallel port.
Net44 automatically adapts to all the existing parallel ports as well as to the Enhanced Parallel Port as defined in the IEEE 1284 standard.
today announced its Sonic Audio(TM) SP, a low-cost, PC/104 form-factor sound card for embedded computer systems that provides two supplemental serial ports and an onboard parallel port.
The USB debugger provides significant advantages over a parallel port BDM interface by ensuring that the data transfer rates from the PC to the debugger are super fast.
Bachmann also produces the InfraReady(TM) and InfraReady Plus adapters, designed to convert virtually any printer's parallel port to accept an infrared beam and the BTReady(TM) adapter, which converts a printer's parallel port to accept Bluetooth.
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