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an imaginary line around the Earth parallel to the equator

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Somalia has since 1979 recognised and respected the maritime boundary between the two countries along a parallel of latitude.
The judgment from the ICJ stated that both Parties had tacitly agreed a boundary lying along the parallel of latitude in the early 1950s, but that this boundary did not extend beyond a distance of 80 miles from the land boundary.
ii) those maritime zone entitlements are delimited by a boundary following the parallel of latitude passing through the most seaward boundary marker of the land boundary between Chile and Peru, known as Hito No.
It is always possible to orient our sphere in such a way that considered circle becomes a parallel of latitude.
Because the points along each parallel of latitude were separated by 1[degree sign] in longitude, they were much closer to each other at high latitudes than near the equator.
It consists of two stars at equal altitude, one on either side of the observer's meridian, and with the Geographical Positions either on the same parallel of latitude, in which case they are symmetrical about the observer's meridian, or on different parallels, in which case they are unsymmetrical.
On the Lambert projection, the basic line is a parallel of latitude and the scale changes in a North-South direction.
Defining that zone by reference to a parallel of latitude was a practical approach for the crew of such vessels.
If you journeyed from China to Israel along the 30[degrees]N parallel of latitude, through which other countries would you travel?
Properties of this parallel of latitude may now be clarified.
Canadian border, which follows the 49th parallel of latitude.
From archival records on the distribution of 212,592 people in 1850 in Texas, the state's population center is assumed to intersect at a meridian of longitude, 97[degrees]West, and a parallel of latitude, 31[degrees]North, in northern Milam County.
Having concluded that an agreed single maritime boundary exists between the Parties, and that that boundary starts at the intersection of the parallel of latitude passing through Boundary Marker No.
The Court should have determined the maritime boundary between the Parties de novo --There is no agreement between the Parties, tacit or otherwise, establishing a permanent all-purpose maritime boundary--Neither Party invokes the 1954Agreement as a basis for a pre-existing maritime boundary--The Parties' practice does not reflect the existence of an agreement concerning an all-purpose maritime boundary along the parallel of latitude up to 80 nautical miles--The stringent standard of proof required for the inference of a tacit agreement is not met.
If you crossed Europe along the 50[degrees]N parallel of latitude, through which countries would you travel?
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