parallel circuit

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a closed circuit in which the current divides into two or more paths before recombining to complete the circuit

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The newly developed read-method uses a negative resistance(4) that is intermediate between the MTJ's high resistance and low resistance on a parallel circuit (Figure 4).
The CM120 valves incorporate an open center, parallel circuit architecture and are available in configurations with as many as 10 operating sections.
For example, WLEDs can be configured in series or parallel circuit configurations depending on the type of display.
Why, for instance, does a series circuit increase the system voltage, while a parallel circuit compounds the system's amperage?
No difference was found in activation between patients and controls in a parallel circuit running downward from the back of the brain.
Standards features include: front and rear auxiliary hydraulic systems; front valve and control lever for attachments; clutch-less electric shuttle shifting; and a parallel circuit system for simultaneous operation between lifting and bucket operations.
However, to approximate class F or E modes, it is enough to realize the required impedance conditions only for several harmonica1 and, more importantly, to apply the same circuit design technique--one or several harmonically tuned parallel circuits or only one parallel circuit mistuned at the fundamental frequency.
Developing in parallel will be a major change in the type of power supply in that it will now be possible to move from the constant current series circuits to the more commonly-understood parallel circuit.
The rubber compound may be expressed by a parallel circuit of resistance R and capacitance C.
This, Bigoney said, allows the two-speed hydraulic motors to run in a parallel circuit and provides three-speed selection by varying motor displacement independently while maintaining traction to prevent spinout or excessive braking on one wheel.
SecuraPack's patent-pending redundant protection circuit design has two protection circuits and if one fails due to a non-safety cause, the parallel circuit can continue to operate.