parallel circuit

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a closed circuit in which the current divides into two or more paths before recombining to complete the circuit

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Another technical feature of this considerable performance is the intelligent parallel circuit of the individual battery modules which helps to maximise the safety, reliability and service life of the battery.
The newly developed read-method uses a negative resistance(4) that is intermediate between the MTJ's high resistance and low resistance on a parallel circuit (Figure 4).
Why, for instance, does a series circuit increase the system voltage, while a parallel circuit compounds the system's amperage?
No difference was found in activation between patients and controls in a parallel circuit running downward from the back of the brain.
Standards features include: front and rear auxiliary hydraulic systems; front valve and control lever for attachments; clutch-less electric shuttle shifting; and a parallel circuit system for simultaneous operation between lifting and bucket operations.
Developing in parallel will be a major change in the type of power supply in that it will now be possible to move from the constant current series circuits to the more commonly-understood parallel circuit.