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the use of manner of speaking to communicate particular meanings

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Descriptive verbs are the most meaningful reporting verbs with regard to the creation of fictional personalities, since they refer to phonological and paralinguistic features that contribute to the expression of attitudes by the speaker rather than to the content of speech itself (Brown 1990, 112).
Edwards, 1995), without having systematic recourse to and documentation of the conversation's prosodic and paralinguistic cues, is marginally useful when it comes to refreshing the memory of the translator or the bilingual reviser of the original in cross-examination.
For instance, in Part II, McIntyre's chapter not only deals with dramatic performance on the stage but also considers the effects of hearing-impaired subtitling on characterization; in Part III, Jobert's chapter extends to paralinguistic vocal features in written texts; and in Part IV Gibbons' chapter offers a Text World Theory analysis of mobile narrative, a genre previously unexplored in stylistics.
And while sociolinguists were well-grounded in social theory, researchers like William Labov focused on particular socioeconomic groups and their contrasting patterns of pronunciation and language use, not the paralinguistic aspects like interruptions and overlaps that bring conversations to life.
They are marked not by any stylistic idiom but by their detail of incident--how they capture the paralinguistic traces of conversation in gestures and poses.
Nonverbal communication, body language and paralinguistic clues can account for more than 65 percent of human communication.
The article presents a lexicometric and factorial research in which we analyze the most relevant linguistic and paralinguistic characteristics of Spanish teenagers' digital writing in one of the most popular and used instant messaging programs (WhatsApp[c]).
The Paralinguistic Sympathetic Ingressive Affirmative in English and the Scandinavian Languages.
Throughout her study, Saggini provides tables detailing the diegetic progression that Burney effects in prose to illuminate an Aristotelian poetics of kinesic, proxemic and paralinguistic conventions at work.
Using paralinguistic cues in speech to recognise emotions in older car drivers, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4868: 229-240.
nonverbal aspects of speech: paralinguistic codes communicate information about the speaker: tone, volume, accent and speech errors all relate something about the speaker's emotional state, personality, educational background, social status, etc.
Owens's own ballads, as critical reflections on this antipopu-lism, often present little more than paralinguistic gestures of this mourning.
The micro-level analysis of 400 pages of text from Facebook profiles reveals that students use both linguistic and paralinguistic features in their narrative performance of identity.
A paralinguistic signal to watch out for is a sudden rise in the suspected liar's baseline vocal pitch; the result of vocal chords constricting under stress.