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suggesting by deliberately concise treatment that much of significance is omitted

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La alteracion inversa, el exceso de informacion o paralepsis, puede consistir en una incursion en la conciencia de un personaje en el curso de un relato conducido generalmente en focalizacion externa: se pueden considerar como tales, al comienzo de la Piel de zapa, enunciados como <<el joven no comprendio su ruina.
En la novela de Balzac, por lo menos en esas primeras paginas, el narrador no deberia informar al narratario sobre aspectos de la vida mental del actor: hacerlo constituye un caso de paralepsis.
The intention is not so much to obviate or supplant existing distinctions as it is to use their analytic strength in order to construct a typology of various types of paralepses that the borrowed concepts call attention to but cannot sufficiently explain, specifically what I will call "global" and "local" paralepsis.
If we look again at the scene of the Syrian thieves in terms of material possibility, we see that the paralepsis noted by Courtney begins before the entrance of the Syrians.
In its malicious use of paralepsis, Ralph's letter compares unfavorably both with the Psychopathia--which at least offers Stephen a name and a narrative--and with Stephen's own effusion to Angela.
I will not bother to deny that I am about to engage in such a paralepsis.
This recurring paralepsis regarding the generative relation between discourse and its occasions is often carried through in the second generation of scholarship on the public sphere.
Of all the rhetorical devices used by new atheists to supplement scientific reason, paralepsis is the simplest and most rarely deployed.
By referring to the knowledge state of Revel as speaker-now, it transgresses the protocol he has established a few pages earlier that he will restrict the information in his text to the limits of his knowledge in past E time (this transgression is an example of Genette's category of paralepsis, "taking up .
Of crucial importance is the narrative paralepsis, the shift in narrative levels that takes place when Marlow seemingly answers one of his narratee's questions: "Ivory?
The contextual gaps can be paralepsis (information in excess of what is called for by the logic of the type selected), analepses (to provide necessary information about a character or event, characteristically to fill in gaps (5)) or paralipsis (6) (the holding back of information that would be logically produced under the type of focalization selected).
This alternative perhaps becomes most obvious if we turn to a discussion of the kind of disclosure that takes place in cases of paralepsis.
8) In section 4, however, we comment on Genette's notions of paralipsis and paralepsis which appear to be violations of (R1) and (R4).
I demonstrate this concept by building on the narrative term, paralepsis, to describe a narrator who knows more than he should know.
4) On the illusionistic or mimetic effects of supposedly transgressive techniques like paralipsis, paralepsis, metanarration and metalepsis see also Phelan (chs.