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a colorless liquid (a cyclic trimer of acetaldehyde) that is used as a sedative and a solvent

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Effects of paraldehyde on the convulsions induced by administration of soman in rats.
All other contraindications for disulfiram therapy such as (i) subjects receiving or have recently received alcohol, or alcoholcontaining preparations such as cough syrups, elixirs (ii) hypersensitivity to disulfiram or other thiuram derivatives used in the manufacture of items such as pesticides or vulcanized rubber, (iii) concomitant treatment with cefaperazone, chlorpropamide, metronidazole, paraldehyde, nitrofurantoin, griseofulvin, tolbutamide, desipramine, amitriptyline, isoniazid, phenytoin, phenlybutazone, and sulphonylurea class of hypoglycemic agents and (iv) allergy to disulfiram
In the centuries prior to 1882 when the first synthetic anticonvulsant drug, paraldehyde, became available, the people of central Europe depended mainly on plants to treat epileptic seizures.
He suggested a comprehensive premedication of rectal chloretone * or paraldehyde in olive oil, followed 30 minutes later by an injection of morphine and atropine.
(25) In psittacine bird species, the osmolar gap has the same theoretical use as in mammals for diagnosing certain toxicoses, but the occurrence of these types of toxicoses in pet birds (eg, ethylene glycol, methanol, paraldehyde) is rare and largely unreported, except in anseriformes and galliformes.
For [beta]-cells determination, the 0.5 g basic fuchsin was dissolved in 70% alcohol, to which were added 1.0 ml paraldehyde with 1.5 ml conc.
"That's only the paraldehyde," the doctor explains.
The role of mercury salts in the catalytic transformation of acetylene into acetaldehyde, and a new commercial process for the manufacture of paraldehyde. J Am Chem Soc 43(9):2071-2081.
The treatment of convulsions in cerebral malaria with intravenous (or, if not possible, rectal) benzodiazepines or intramuscular paraldehyde is similar to that for repeated seizures from any cause (8).
Efficacy and safety of intranasal lorazepam versus intramuscular paraldehyde for protracted convulsions in children: An open randomized trial.