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Synonyms for paragraph

Synonyms for paragraph

a usually brief detail of news or information

Words related to paragraph

one of several distinct subdivisions of a text intended to separate ideas

divide into paragraphs, as of text

write about in a paragraph

References in classic literature ?
He was cheered to read in BOOK NEWS, in a paragraph on the payment of magazine writers, not that Rudyard Kipling received a dollar per word, but that the minimum rate paid by first-class magazines was two cents a word.
I had not heard from him for a week, nor of the progress made with that mysterious case, except by the innumerable paragraphs in the newspapers and by the very brief notes of Rouletabille in the "Epoque.
Introduction to "A Treatise concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge," paragraphs 10, 11, and 12.
I seemed able to capture new reactions, new suggestions, and even new rhythms for my paragraphs.
At the point which I had reached in a preceding paragraph of this account, the situation was as follows: two horses lay dying; the bull had scattered his persecutors for the moment, and stood raging, panting, pawing the dust in clouds over his back, when the man that had been wounded returned to the ring on a remount, a poor blindfolded wreck that yet had something ironically military about his bearing - and the next moment the bull had ripped him open and his bowls were dragging upon the ground: and the bull was charging his swarm of pests again.
Partly from the accidental gossip of the women at the table in the servants' hall; partly from a marked paragraph in a Swiss newspaper, which she had found one morning lying open on the admiral's easy-chair -- she gained the welcome assurance that no danger was to be dreaded, this time, from the housekeeper's presence on the scene.
You cannot read the first paragraph of the book, which begins in the right way "Once upon a time" without knowing that Mr.
The above paragraph in the original editions (1726) takes another form, commencing:-"I told him that should I happen to live in a kingdom where lots were in vogue," &c.
Poligny was written in black ink and exactly similar to that in our possession, except that, at the end, it contained a paragraph in red ink and in a queer, labored handwriting, as though it had been produced by dipping the heads of matches into the ink, the writing of a child that has never got beyond the down-strokes and has not learned to join its letters.
Two versions of this paragraph appear in different editions.
He hastily tore off the cover, opened the journal with nervous precipitation, passed contemptuously over the Paris jottings, and arriving at the miscellaneous intelligence, stopped with a malicious smile, at a paragraph headed "We hear from Yanina.
Contrary to fidelity" or "faith," "contro alla fede," and "tutto fede," "altogether faithful," in the next paragraph.
There is, however, among these notes the following interesting paragraph, written in 1840 and clearly foreshadowing The Great Stone Face:
After a lapse of half a century, he is writing this paragraph with a pain that would induce him to cancel it, were it not still more painful to have it believed that one whom he regarded with a reverence that surpassed the love of a brother was converted by him into the heroine of a work of fiction.
She could not doubt, she dared not indulge a hope, of the paragraph being false.